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How to Date on a Budget and Still Impress

Updated on December 3, 2011


During this time of recession, people are getting laid off or taking a pay cut to keep their jobs. For the people still living the single life this could very much ruin how they used to date. However, it does not have to. Whether it is your first date or several dates into the relationship, you can still date on a budget and impress.

Outdoor Jazz Concert

Depending on the city you live in, there are a lot things to do for free. For example, during the spring and summer months, some cities have outdoor jazz concerts at parks downtown. It’s usually free. You can take your date with a blanket and some snacks and listen to the music for free. Check your city's tourist information and events for related activities in your city.

Sites Around the City

Another way to date on a budget and impress your date is to take him or her to a museum, botanical gardens, zoo or aquarium. These places sometimes offer discounts and two for one admission. Look in your city's local advertisement papers for coupons. And to save even more money on this date, casually mention you are having breakfast with your family and friends and then will swing by at around noon for the outing. This way your date knows you have already eaten and will not suggest lunch. After your tour of the museum, suggest you go for ice cream or coffee.


Another way to date on a budget and impress is to go to an expensive restaurant for dessert. Call her after dinner time and tell her you are in the mood for dessert. Hopefully she will take the hint. You can even be romantic and feed her dessert to her. She will then in turn brag to her girlfriends how you took her to a fancy restaurant for dessert and you fed it to her!


If you like being active, suggest going midnight bowling, miniature golfing or playing pool. Most of these places offer two for one coupons. Or if you want to save even more money, find a place to play basketball or tennis if the two of you play.

Extra Tips

  • If you live in a beach city, going to the beach is very inexpensive. You just need to make sure to have plenty of liquids.
  • Go dutch
  • Take turns paying for dates.
  • Stay home, watch movies and cook dinner together.
  • Have board game night.


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