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Saying 'No' to a Guy

Updated on March 5, 2015

There are any instances when a guy becomes interested in you but you don't feel the same way towards him. Rejection is often difficult to do because most of us do not really want to hurt someone intentionally or otherwise. As a result, we try to find ways to cushion the blow.

Although there are many factors to consider to make rejection work in your favor, it is good to understand that each case could be different and each situation might call for a different kind of strategy.

Here are some options to say 'no'

Unwanted affection
Unwanted affection | Source

1. Try honesty.

This can be the hardest route but sometimes it can work. Tell him straight that you don't like him but do this after you make sure he wont make a big deal out of the rejection. He can take this rejection like a real man and it would work for the better to not give him high hopes in the beginning.

Your best bet is to tell him as it is. However, if you tell him that you are not ready for any relationship right now, be true to your word. He won't believe you if he sees you the next week going out with someone.

2. Ignore him.

Pretend he does not exist by ignoring him and cross your fingers. Ignoring him will be easy if you do not have any common interest or do not share same building or work. It could also work if he is a total stranger and that he is not an acquaintance.

Just pray and hope that he gets the clue after you ignore his calls and messages. Some people are persistent but the important thing for you to do is to be steadfast and consistent with your decision to ignore him. If he still doesn't get the clue, it might be a good idea to try on the other options.

3. Give him a chance.

Your refusal to a guy's affection may be unfounded. Perhaps, you are being too harsh. Why not try getting another look at this person and maybe, somewhere in your heart you will find that there is that glimmer of possibility of being with him. Who knows? This could be the guy you are waiting for, only it is not obvious at first instance.

Some guys are diamonds in the rough and you just need to give them a chance so your feeling develop for them. If he is a great friend it would not take much to take that relationship to the next level. This can be a possible situation but do not force yourself if you really cannot fall for him after trying. There is a fine line between pity and love but your will be the one suffering if all you feel is the former.

4. Report to the authorities if he acts aggressively

If he resorts to being aggressive and starts to stalk you, then don't wait till things get out of hand. It is important to report this to the authorities and they will help you deal with your obsessive admirer.

5. Play cupid when the situation allows it

If he is really a nice guy and you believe that it will be alright to introduce him to other singles friends you know, then by all means do so. Take note that this will only work if this guy is some you already know in the past.


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    • profile image

      lovedoctor926 4 years ago

      Hi gmmurgirl, This is an excellent hub. thanks for sharing this here. I just read your comment.

    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 4 years ago from Pilipinas

      Hi there lovedoctor,

      Thank you for reading. Have a great day!

    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 4 years ago from Pilipinas

      Hi Lovedoctor926! Thanks for reading and finding this hub useful.

    • profile image

      lovedoctor926 4 years ago

      Thank you for this valuable information. voted up useful!