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How to Decorate a Church for a Wedding

Updated on June 16, 2013

Your Wedding Your Way

If you have a wedding planned, you need to decorate the church (or other venue) to make the ceremony reflect your tastes. Each church will have its own basic rules about what type of decorations can and can't be used for the ceremony, but even a strict church will let you deck it out with some personalized touches. Other considerations for your wedding decor are the wedding budget and meshing both of your tastes into one cohesive look.

Decorating the Front of the Church

When a wedding ceremony is going on, all eyes are on the front of the church. That's why the front is usually the most decorated part of the building. If you have a small wedding budget that is making it hard to purchase many decorations, choose a few for the front and leave the rest of the building alone to get the most bang for your buck. With a very small budget, you can buy a few tasteful items that can be placed exactly where they will get the most attention.

The Church Door

The front door of the church is the first place that your guests will see as they arrive for the ceremony. To use this to set the mood for the big day, decorate the door in grand style. A large floral bouquet or a romantic floral wreath can be used to create that bridal mood. A large bow is a less expensive way to decorate the church door.

Wedding Flowers

Flowers often adorn the inside of the church in the ceremony area behind the couple to make them highly visible to the guests. The flowers are often placed around the other wedding party members as well to dress up and personalize the ceremony. Some couples also place small flower arrangements on the opening of each pew. If your budget is small, you can place a single flower at each entrance for a simple decoration that will still get noticed.


Candles are a cheap wedding decoration that virtually every ceremony uses to add a touch of elegance. Candles come in every color imaginable, making it easy to match them to your chosen colors. They can be used in the church, at the reception and anywhere else that your guests may be. A candelabra decorated with tall tapers placed behind the ceremony creates a cozy and romantic light. White candles are a staple for inside the church, but couples can also choose colored candles to match their flowers.

Fabric Decorations

Choose wedding fabrics that match the colors you chose for your ceremony and reception. One of the most common decorations for the church pews are bows in your chosen colors and placed at the entrance of each pew. The candelabras at the front of the church can also be decorated with bows. Another common decoration is tulle netting placed at the entrance of the pews and along the back of the back pews.

Aisle Runner

An aisle runner is a long, pastel sheet of fabric that is placed along the aisle of the church for the bridal party to walk on as the ceremony begins. Some churches don't allow an aisle runner to be placed in their church, but most do allow them. While some couples want to have a runner, aisle runners are expensive and can cut into a wedding budget significantly. And, these runners don't attract much attention from guests. If you have a tight budget, it may be best to forgo the runner. Or if you are determined to have one, consider making one yourself. The construction is simple, but the finished product is extremely expensive if you purchase it readymade.


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