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How to Develop Romantic Ideas

Updated on October 4, 2014
Develop romantic ideas
Develop romantic ideas

Some people are born romantics and others have no idea about romance and how to be romantic or sweep a gal off her feet.

Women love romance and "old school" gentlemen. They want to be swept off their feet and romance must be kept alive in your relationship until your very last breath!

Anyone can be romantic if you try to to become romantic all you have to do is go through these easy steps.

Step 0ne

Romantic movies will give you a crash course and all you have to do is watch them and observe.

Hire movies like; Titanic, Pretty Woman, Only You, Casablanca, Sleepless in Seattle, A walk in the Clouds, A walk to Remember, Dirty Dancing, Notting Hill, Love Story and many more.

Step Two

Women love romance no matter how old they are! Flowers, chocolate, home-made cards and simple gestures of romance. We love to know that you have noticed our efforts to look beautiful for you, so tell us how great we look.

We love looking at the moon and the stars, sunrise, sunset and it would be great for you to notice it too. It would be even better if you took us to see them with a blanket and a bottle of champagne!

Step two is to notice beauty!

Many men have ideas of romance in their heads but have no idea how to develop them so here's a tip: take a chance and just do what is in your head to do!

Step Three

Many a time you have the words but they do not come out the way it was said in your head!

Women analyse every single thing you say and every action that you make. Before you open your mouth think carefully about what is going to come out.

Telling a woman she looks beautiful is always great to hear.

Honesty is the Key: but there is a time and place for it. Looking at other girls is normal but keep the whistles and howls to yourself!

Read a romantic novel: The notebook (also the movie) A knight in shining armour,Flowers from the Storm and sorry boys "The Cosmo" will give you ideas of what women like and enjoy.

Everyone wants a hero
Everyone wants a hero

Step Four

Every women loves a hero and someone to protect her. Don't go doing anything stupid but make her feel safe with you and catch her before she falls!

Open the door for her and let her go in first, if there's a puddle of water:lift her over it.

Pour her drink, pull out her chair and escort her to her door to make sure she is home safely.

Defend her at all times!

Step Five

Call her at work and tell her that you are thinking of her or send her some flowers for no reason.

Get a picnic lunch and surprise her at work by taking her to the nearest park for your picnic.

Text her and tell her that you miss her.

Email her with a cute picture and some sexy words.

Step Six

Find the most romantic places to take her and learn to dance because there is nothing more sext than a man putting out his arm and taking a woman onto the dance floor to prove he is in control.

Finding romantic places or creating your own is easy enough; candles, music and ambience is all you need.

Google romantic places and remember that women love to dress for the occasion so make it a smart - casual place where she can feel like a princess.

Get Ready for Romance!

Once you have watched the romantic movies, read a few girly novels and have found out what women like then you are ready to put your romance to the test.

Women love attention just do not smother or become a stalker.

By now you should know that inviting her over for a movie means a "chick flick" where she can cuddle up next to you and feel like you are just like the guy from the movie!

Get to know what she likes and the next time you go out automatically order her favourite drink; this shows that you pay attention and that will give you points.

Showing interest in her by listening to her, telling her she looks great, noticing her and making her feel like she is safe with you will get you on your way!

Don't forget to mention the beautiful surroundings and make an effort.

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