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How to Dump A Jerk!

Updated on May 27, 2009

Dumping a Jerky Guy...

Some girls see all guys as jerks but when it comes to your boyfreind your much more forgiving. Truth is, girls with jerky boyfreinds are more likely to be abused or be attracted to jerks in the future. So dump him now!!!!!



How Do you Know If your Guys a True Jerk:

1. He treats you like crap. seriously.

2. He abuses you with words

3. He abuses you with violence

4. He never lets you have a say in anything

5. He acts annoyed when your aroud

6. He makes fun of your family and freinds

7. basically, hes just mean!!!


Dumping The Dude:


First tell him calmly that its not a good relationship. Then tell him simply and swiftly, "Its Over", or "its Done", or the best and more in your sorry-little-being-dumped-face one, "we are sooo over!" then walk away. thats it. Just walk away. If you hang around he could hurt you or try to come up with lame excuses to real you in, NO. you dump him, and you walk away...


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    • Pandahugsnkisses profile image

      Pandahugsnkisses 8 years ago

      yeah i dumped my jerk. but now i do have someone who treats me like a princess. <3

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      I'd just send a text message. If this is Hub is personal, I hope you meet someone special who treats you like a Princess....