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How to End a Relationship in a Good Way

Updated on May 7, 2015

Ending a relationship is something not easy. It can be hurting to both parties. But sometimes no matter how hard we try a relationship can not be saved thereby a need to put an end to it. Here are some ways you can end a relationship in a health way.

Think about what you are going to say

You don’t just wake up one morning and decide to put an end to a relationship. Think about everything. I believe there reasons to why you would like to put an end to a relationship. Remember your partner would always ask you the question why and you should provide him with a good enough reason as to why you are ending the relationship.

So you needy to be ready

Do it in person

It is usually an appropriate to end a relationship over the phone or even worse through an e-mail or a text message. Call him or her, meet at the usual places and let him know that you feel the relationship should come to an end. Be physically available face to face. When you end a relationship on the phone your partner would be more than willing to meet and ask you why in person which might lead to a dangerous situation and he or she might end up stalking you.

Be Clear

When ending a relationship, be clear at what you are doing and saying. Breakup is not the time to be vague or mysterious. He or she may not agree, but make sure he or she is not confused. Let him or her not think you are just taking a break and you will return.

Fully express your emotions

Breaking up as I said, it hurts both parties in most cases even the one starting it. So if you feel like crying, do it, and do it fully. This will release the emotional clutter in your inner space.

Be calm

Do not let emotions take over. Sometimes ending relationships can be a dangerous affair as some couples tend to get angry and it often ends up with physical assault. Always try to keep your calm.

Remain friends

When you end the relationship, tell your partner that you would stay friends and always keep in touch. Never end a relationship on a bad note. Remember this is the person you have been with and sharing a lot with.


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