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How to Escape the Friend Zone

Updated on September 8, 2016

How to Escape the Friend Zone

How to Escape the Friend Zone
How to Escape the Friend Zone

There is nothing more painful than having feelings for another person and not getting the same in return. While having a crush on a friend of a friend might be slightly painful, it gets more uncomfortable when you are in a close friendship with the object of your desires. Here is where that pain is multiplied ten fold because you are so close to that person, but in a sense miles away from where you would like things to be. When you are placed in the dreaded friend zone, it is like being given the keys to the candy store but told you can look but not touch.

Quotes About How to Escape the Friend Zone

Having a crush on someone is exciting because you never quite know where that relationship could wind up in time. The problem with being in the friend zone is you already have an understanding where this relationship is going, and you get to see up close how their affection is being aimed at others around you. Add into the mix when you become the “go to” person for advice on their love life. Now you get to suffer a pain unlike any other.

Starting Off as Just Friends

Starting Off as Just Friends
Starting Off as Just Friends

The majority of people who get sent to the friend zone seem resigned to the fact that they are not going to get into a romantic relationship with the object of their desire. They simply hang around in pain and watch as other people get the chance to be romantically involved, while you sit and watch and then become the shoulder to cry on when things go bad. If you are currently living this nightmare, you are definitely not alone.

I know all too well how it feels to be in that spot, but I have some really exciting news for you. There is a way to escape the friend zone and turn a friendship into a romantic relationship. You just need a little coaching on a few secrets that will help you to get out of the friend zone jail. I know firsthand that it is possible, I have seen it happen several times. I saw it happen with two friends who swore they only wanted to be friends, and then something changed forever to make them become lovers who are still together today. I was able to escape the friend zone once, but not after trying with several other people unsuccessfully.

Avoiding Being Just Friends with Benefits

Avoiding Being Just Friends with Benefits
Avoiding Being Just Friends with Benefits

Escaping the Friend Zone

Have You Successfully Escaped the Friend Zone?

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I already know your story. You have feelings for someone right now who is only looking at you as a friend. They are so comfortable with you as a friend that they confide in you with all their dating experiences, often asking you for help on how to deal with the latest person they are crushing on. You bite your tongue and offer simple advice, in the hopes someday that this person will wake up and come running to you with open arms.

You think by being their rock that you will be the obvious choice for them once they realize no one else has what you have to offer. You tell yourself this story over and over, just like I did. The truth is, unless you make some real changes, you are going to be stuck in the friend zone for good. Rarely will someone wake up one day and think that the friend they have been leaning on all this time is a perfect candidate for being a lover. You are a friend and you will stay a friend until you make some changes in how you act in this friendship.

Revealing That You Have Romantic Feelings

Revealing That You Have Romantic Feelings
Revealing That You Have Romantic Feelings

I was that go to girl when my friend was dating other girls. He would ask me about how he could get these girls, how he could attract them, how he could win them over, and I always replied the same way. I told him to just be himself, and if that wasn’t good enough then she didn’t deserve him. I told him that there was someone out there for him. Now you and I both know that I was referring to me, just like you do when you give your friend the exact same advice.

Dealing With the Friend Zone Speech

Dealing With the Friend Zone Speech
Dealing With the Friend Zone Speech

They simply do not pick up on those subtle hints because you are their best friend. Why would they want to even consider you being a romantic interest? You are the one who is their rock, and you always make sure to be there. Why would they want to lose that? That is the reason I was locked in the friend zone for so long. I was great at giving advice, and I was great at being patient. This is not the way that you get that person to realize what is standing right in front of them. I will show you a few secrets I learned that helped me to get out of the friend zone and then into a serious loving relationship.

I know you are frustrated and I know you want things to change fast. If I can offer you some early advice, just be a little more patient because things are about to change for you for the better. In the first chapter we are going to talk about how starting off as friends is a blessing and a curse.

How to Make Yourself More Desirable

How to Make Yourself More Desirable
How to Make Yourself More Desirable

“The only thing that is stopping you from getting out of the friend zone is you! Stop thinking that you are not worthy of being with that special someone and let your inner love shine.

Here is a quote from another Beatles song that is perfect advice for you today, “Love is old, love is new, love is all, love is you! Doesn’t that say it all!!!!

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