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How to always be attractive and sexy

Updated on January 2, 2014

How to Feel Sexy - The Right Way

How to Feel Sexy

Learning how to feel sexy is easy, fun and satisfying. There are many ways to feel sexy in your life and today I will be sharing a few of them with you.

If you have ever felt that feeling sexy is just for the people who have the money, think again.

Feeling sexy comes from within and if you want to show your hot stuff to others that here are a few things that you may want to consider.


Go get a massage or schedule to have one done once or twice a month. Of course, depending on your budget, once a week won't be bad either. This is another great way to feel sexy, rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world!

There are many massage therapy location in your area.  Just Google your location with the word massage and you will be surprised on what you can find locally.  Getting a massage done on your body at least once or twice a month is worth to refresh and invigorate the soul.

And if that is not enough for you let your spouse or partner do it for you.  This is one thing that can make you feel really sexy and give you new ideas to try in your life.

Pedicure - Manicure

Get your self a pedicure and manicure. There is nothing better than having another person groom you. Feeling sexy and willing to show off your stuff on any given night will prove to be most satisfying in the end.

There is no question here that Pedicures and manicures make a woman feel more like a woman.  Getting the eyebrows, the feet and the hands done can surely compliment your looks and give you a boost of confidence to up your sexiness.

Sexy Clothes

Sexy clothes and outfits will certainly grab the attention of who you are trying to seek these days. Either it be in or out of bed, learning how to feel sexy is always important. You can find awesome things online or in your local mall. 

Just make sure you end up surprising the person that you are with, with your new and sexy clothes.  Sometime the more skin you show, the better the attraction can be!

Some ideas can be at Victoria's Secret, either at the store or online. Don't forget to add a bit of fragrance on them when you wear them too!


Appearance is always important. Always make sure you have good hygiene, day in and day out. The importance of grooming yourself each day will help in determining your sexiness among others out there.


A nice and sensual fragrance can also be worn on the pulse points to enhance your feeling of sexiness. Just make sure you get the right kind that matches with your body type and chemistry.

Wear More Red Clothes

Wearing red clothes has been scientifically proven and field tested. They have determined that wearing red versus any other color of clothing can enhance sex appeal and boost your charming confidence. You can put two of the same pictures of a person, one with a blue shirt and a red shirt.

Most of the people that were asked which looked more sexier always said that it was the one in the red shirt. Go figure right? So when in doubt, wear more red to enhance your looks any time every time.

Being Irresistible in Many Ways

What would it take for you to leave the house each and every morning and be irresistible to others day in and day out? Is this at all possible? What does one need to pull off such a feat? Is it the clothes that they wear, the scent of their skin or the energy that they have that allows themselves to attract others easily? There are so many things that come to my mind. But, what makes me wonder is why some people are more irresistible than others?

We can go through life year after year and see many people come and go. And most of these people never seem to phase or effect us in which we can portray sexual desire-and with such intensity. The there are a few people that come by that really knock your socks off as they walk by. Those are the kinds of people I want to discuss today. What actually makes them so special among the rest of us? I have seen beautiful women with long flowing hair and wonder why there are no other women to match her.

What if you were a guy and wanted the same results as you walk out each and every day?Every guy wants to be as attracting as they can, in the midst of each woman that passes by. But, why are some more strategically inclined to deliver the mechanisms of drawing women in, while others are not so lucky? Perhaps it's the type of physique, the smell that that they have on, or keeping up with the latest fashion. No matter what it is, it has always made me scratch my head. What if I could pull it off every time I went to the grocery store and attracted women with just my presence? Would it be possible or am I just a day dreamer?

I wanted to put it to the test to see if it was entirely possible for me to achieve such desired results as I stepped out of the house each day. I would combine my favorite fragrance that I bought online or at a Belks department store. Then, I would combine it with an unscented pheromone to see if women around me even gave a notice. Would it work? Would they be more interested and socially active around my presence? I needed to know for sure if what I imagined in my head could be possible. Could I even have more swag then all of my previous years combined?

Well, it was exciting enough to give it a shot to see if my impression was correct or not. Wouldn't you want to know if you could really make that much of a difference in becoming that ever irresistible man? I know that I did. One of the things that I do a lot is grocery shopping. I am always going to the store to buy food when I need to and in the store they always have tons of beautiful women at the cash register. I was wondering if I could actually make a difference and allow them to become more sociable with me as I got near them. Of course, the test had to be done in such a way that I would not speak first at all. I also had to have minimum eye contact so that I could establish a baseline to what my effects on them would be like. Could it work? I had to at least see it for my self.

Scenario 1: I went to the local Food Lion to see if the fragrance combination with pheromones would make a difference. The blonde at the register seemed to smile more around me and fixed her hair back when she first greeted me. This was a nice sign to see at first. I glanced at her and smiled back. As I drew myself closer, I wanted to see if any of her facial features would blush. This was usually a very good indicator and a test to see if I had made a distinct effect on her. My presence around her seemed to be doing pretty good and her face did indeed blush with unparalleled excitement. While she was checking out my food, she constantly smiled at me with such a warm feeling. Scenario 1 played out very well and the results were quite satisfactory to me.

Scenario 2: The next day I went to the local bookstore, which is usually populated by many interested readers. This is a good place to meet people, especially since everyone there has about the same type of interest that I do. But, this test was to be different in a way that I was not to approach anyone at all.

I was going to see if my presence, along with the pheromone and fragrance combination would have a woman approach me without me interfering at all. Within 10-15 minutes time, two girls asked me what I was wearing and of course I just mentioned the brand name fragrance that I was wearing. I never mentioned at any time what I added into the mix. A person trying to be irresistible van never give out his secret, right? They were thoroughly impressed by me and indeed hung around so we could chat some more. This was a good sign as both women were blushing and pulling their hair back. I also noticed them trying to fix themselves up to. For example adjusting their clothes, etc.

Was this stuff really working or was I the kind of guy I always wanted to become? I did notice that in the past, I always wanted to attract women more, but have been strangely unsuccessful. I am a modestly handsome man, but I suppose it is also the vibes that you give out that could also allow you to establish a certain connection with people that you want to attract. I think that that is very important as well. It's almost like an invisibly field of energy that you put out to the universe that allows you to attract people, and wearing pheromones in your fragrance can be a certain link in making that happen. Because right then and there, you are establishing a kind of permission slip scenario to attract others in these ways. And most of the time it seems to work. The situation or location is ideal of course in these endeavors to feel the experience of being irresistible to others. So, there are many different variations in this that you can play with. You have to use what works best for you of course.

Scenario 3: Day 3 I had a beautiful woman back at my place. During the evening I cooked her dinner and we both shared a glass of sweet red muscadine wine. The evening meal was quite delicious and I wanted to finish it off with a most wonderful intimate moment. This would leave the both of us in a most memorable and exciting situation. That night we were intimate but before we did so, I had used a type of unscented roll on which consisted of a pheromone complex. I wanted to see if this would ignite something more fiery within her. Would this experience be even more enjoyable than any of my past scenarios? The occasion proved to be quite intense as there was significant back scratching and screaming galore. I have always though that these kids of experiences should always be felt with such intensity and passion that would always make each moment as memorable as they can be. To my surprise, this was the case and perhaps it was the scent of attraction that really allows it to be mostly amplified in its effects. Another job well done here.

Being irresistible when you are dating is such a most wonderful feeling. That cherished feeling of being wanted is incredible in and of itself. If you can carry that kind of pizazz each and every day, imagine how your life could change. It is a most exciting endeavor to ever take, especially when you are trying to find the right kind of mate in life to settle down with later.

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    • antonrosa profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from USA

      Yes, I would too. Lets get started.

    • My Sweet  Anjolie profile image

      My Sweet Anjolie 

      8 years ago

      Nice hub. I wish we could get just a bit naughty on HP. I would love to discuss things like mutual masturbation and some other hot intimate playtime activities. Thanks for the hub


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