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Is True Love Real?

Updated on July 18, 2013

Does True Love Exist?

Do you believe true romantic love exist?

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How to find love

Does Romantic Love Exist?

It does not matter if you are just starting this adventure of looking for romantic love, or if you been around the block a few times. Either way, this hub will give you the insight you need in finding the right romantic partner. The information here has value for both the newbie and those who have entered the cynic club towards romantic love. Romantic love does exist, after all the songs over the centuries inform us of this. Our beloved fairy tales promised us the happy ever after. Other people we know claim to have it, so it must be real. Romantic love is real, however it is not alive in fantasy land. This is where many people get loss in their search for the ideal partner.

What makes me qualified to give you advice of how to find love? My marriage to my late husband for twenty-nine years, which was splendid, and being a professional psychic counselor are my qualifications. My profession has also opened other doors of knowledge on why people do not find that love they are seeking. It is through this that I feel more than adequate in sharing with others how to find romantic love.

Emotionally Connected to Each Other

The Emotional and Mental level of finding Romantic Love

This advice is for both groups, the newbie and those who been searching for a while. First, for those who have been on this journey longer than they wish, have you experienced before that romantic love, which grabs your heart and leaves you breathless? Did your logical mind seemed to step out of the picture for a bit, as you spiral deeply into the aura of all embracing love? There was that one person who tripped all your wires in your whole being, with just his/her presence. Did you not in the beginning feel you have experienced total bliss? There are many people who crave to find this one person, their proverbial soul-mate. Each time, though, when they seem to find it, it eventually evades them and disappears. This concludes with them being wrong more than right, which often leads them into shutting all their doors, and build walls around them. They do this in effort to close out romantic love. Their logical mind has taken over, and they become hyper-vigilant with our heart. They are tired of being hurt. Have you experienced this? Has your logical mind stepped in and scared you of being in love again? Does the prospect of entering another relationship leave you with a sense of dread? Have you loved another so deeply, to only eventually experience your heart being pulled out and stamped on, in the name of love? When you are thinking about receiving romantic love, and feeling those fireworks of passion explode again, does it leave you breathless, as well as very frightened? Do you go forward with arms wide open, or will you concede to the logical mind of all the reasons to not love again? If you find yourself answering yes to these questions, you have just opened the key to finding true romantic love. It is your fear of experiencing the effects of another romantic relationship gone wrong. This is the key that has locked you in your personal hell. You know you still want to experience this level of love, yet you are afraid to take the risk.

How to live the honeymoon forever

Becoming Friends with You being Single

Using your single status to assist you in finding the right person

On our journey of seeking partners, it is vital that we learn our authentic self. This means knowing our values and morals (not our parents or societies), and where our passion is. What does this have to do with finding a romantic partner? Everything! It is when we are brave enough to dance to our own drummer, our life flourishes. This might sound trite and like an old cliché, but it is not. How often are you attempting to find that perfect person through what society declares is the best method? After you answer that, how often have you been met with failure? If you are a homebody, and like to do outdoor activities, going to a night club is not an avenue for you to seek a partner.

. This single period is the most opportune time to grow your interests. Find activities that represent something you wish to learn or experience, versus just going to places to find your mate. Life really is about enjoying and having fun. It is to be lived fully as an expression of you. If you do not know who you are, and what excites you, what do you honestly have to offer another person? Would you be interested in someone who has no life? This is one reason many relationships fail, because they have no common passions.

Romantic love is much more than explosive passionate sex. It is much more than raising a family, and providing a home. This is something that many people do not realize. Love does not survive, when the people involved are empty inside. All the glitter, material goodies and other outer trappings does not create a successful relationship.

The Art of finding Romantic Love

The Art of finding Romantic Love

The art of finding the romantic partner

Now you have discovered who you are and hopefully are celebrating you, it is time to learn about the art of finding a romantic partner. When we love ourselves, and enjoy our own company are cup is overflowing. We become a magnet to others of like mind and energy. We enjoy other peoples’ company, and having a date or not is not a priority any more. Passion that is within us, seems to bring activities and people to us, for one purpose; to share our life. This is the art of finding your romantic partner.

You are meeting people, as an equal. You are not portraying the damsel-in-distress. You are not still licking wounds of past hurts. You are vigorously enjoying your life. You are fun to be with, and people want to get to know you. Those activities that you have been doing, be it new or old are part of the authentic you. If you are the type who enjoys dancing, you will find the best night clubs to offer dancing. Your own self-empowerment will only attract similar types of men to you. You might not meet the Romeo on that given night, but that is okay. You went to play and dance, not to find Mr. Right. When we live in our authentic self, we find looking for someone to be a chore, we rather opt for an activity to have fun.

My own interests lies in philosophical conversations, metaphysical topics and anything to do with being in nature. Though I love to dance, I prefer to dance on the beach or in a valley. There are activities that I can join, with people of like mind. That was how I met my late husband. Now I am still meeting men, though my preference of romance might be different than yours.

The art of finding romantic love also includes what type of relationship you seek

This is important. If you are young and want the whole fairy tale story go for it. if you are young but want something different know this is good, and you do not need to change. It does not matter if you are young or old, new to dating or been married before, if you seek romance go for it. Do it though in your style, not someone else’s. If you do not want marriage, you don’t need to go that route. If you want to not even live with them, like me, which is perfect for you. We are allowed to be who we are, and have what compliments our authentic self.

Finding that partner is easy, when you are living your authentic life. This relationship adds to you, but does not complete you. It is two people, who bring forth 100% of themselves, and unit it. in this type of relationship, no one gets loss, for there is no need to fix each other. The only need is to cherish and help each other to continue on their growth. We are forever growing, and it is great to have a partner who provides comfortable space in this growth. You would want that, and it is vital you give it to your new partner.

Enjoy your adventure of discovery you, and the adventure of finding the person for you. Both areas are actually art and they are the art of living.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you vocalcoach. I am happy you found my hub so moving.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      5 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      I found this to be just excellent! You've touched on every aspect to finding romantic love. I even saw myself a couple of times as I read through.

      Voted up, useful, awesome, interesting and will share. Thank you.


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