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How to Find the Perfect Reception Hall

Updated on November 14, 2010

A wedding is one of the most special moments in a person’s life, and finding the perfect location for the wedding celebration can be one of the most stressful parts of the process. The best reception hall will balance out many different qualities – price, beauty, features, and customer service. Finding the best balance will depend on individual needs, desires, and budgets. This article will describe features of reception halls to keep in mind as you search your local area, and tips on how to get the best rates and services.

As with all major expenditures, planning in advance can save you a lot of money and headaches. Having your wedding during non-peak months (i.e. not in the summer) can help you save cash, and booking well in advance of the date can also get you better rates.

Wedding Reception Halls – Shop Around!

The first obvious suggestion is to shop around for the best wedding reception hall you can find. Do not just content yourself with one or two choices, no matter how much you may think you love those choices. There may be better (and more affordable) options out there for you if you keep an open mind. Keep an open mind, as well, to the type of banquet hall you may reserve. Though of course dedicated reception halls are the most popular, you may be able to reserve a large space in other areas, like community centers or churches, for a fraction of the price, especially if you know someone that can get you a reservation with one of these places. You could even consider an outside location, though weather may turn out to be a complicating factor.

First Considerations

During this search, you will need to have a fairly accurate list of guests you will be inviting. You will need this number and your budget in order to narrow down your list based on financial considerations. You may need to tailor either your list or budget as you make your search, but having this baseline is a necessary first step. Allow for some buffer between the number of guests you are inviting and the purported “capacity” of the room. You may need more room than you think in order to maximize your guests’ comfort.

During this search, you are not just evaluating facilities or features, but also people. When selecting a banquet hall, make sure to meet with the director of the hall, or the person that will be running your event. Do they have much experience? Can they provide you with references of other happy couples? You will want to make sure that the person in charge of your event runs a professional and efficient operation. Hopefully they will also be nice as well, because this process might be stressful for the both of you! If you are hiring a wedding planner to handle all the facets of your event, the same questions apply. Make sure they have experience dealing with weddings of similar size and complexity as yours.

Reception Hall Features

Reception halls are more than just a big room – they include decorations, tables, chairs, dance floors, and other accessories that can complement or detract from the entire experience. Though the room itself is important, don’t get too caught up in how a hall looks, either decorated or not. Your own choices as to accessories, or the “theme” of the wedding, can significantly change the look of your hall. What was at one time a dreary, bland room can be transformed, with the right eye and touch, into a beautiful setting for your wedding. When evaluating wedding halls, be sure to see these accessories along with the other important features like size. You will also want to consider the relative locations of parts of the hall – where is the bar? Where is the dance floor? Where will tables be set up? Will there be concurrent receptions besides yours? These are all important factors to keep in mind when planning your party. When designing your reception hall set up, consult with the hall director or your wedding planner. Combine your own ideas and wants with his or her professional experience. This will give you the best combination of personal touches with professional flair.

Consider Your Guests

While this day is your special day in the end, your guests’ comfort and enjoyment is also of paramount importance. When evaluating a hall, consider what will be more convenient and fun for your guests. What hall will minimize travel for your guests? Is it easy to find for those who need to travel? Is the hall ventilated and kept at a comfortable temperature? If your guests really love to dance, you may want to focus on a hall with a larger dance floor, for example.

If you put time, research, expertise, and effort (read this hub on finding a wedding planner book for more general help) into finding the best receptions halls you can, you will be sure to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Even if that dream does include a pink wedding dress, corset wedding dresses, beach weddings, or other unique wedding ideas.

An Example Wedding Hall


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