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How to Flirt With a Guy ? Types of How to Flirt

Updated on May 19, 2015

Types of Flirting

There can be many different types of flirting. Top 3 flirting types are as follows:

  • Online Flirting
  • Flirting via Text or Chat
  • Flirting in Person

Flirting : A Cute Way to Show You are Attracted

Flirting is a cute way to show the attachment. It is the most basic way to show a guy or a girl that you are attracted to him. Flirting is a way so you can get to know new people and it may turn out in dating. For guys, it is really easy as most guys will be more than happy to flirt with any girl. For girls, it seems a little awkward to start flirting, but it is really fine. We all get nervous with a person we like, especially if we did not disclosed we like him or her. So nothing wrong to start flirting in an innocent way and let them know.

There are many ways of flirting. Flirting can be done in person, via text or chat or over the phone also. In the modern era, flirting via text or messages are very common. There are many apps for smartphone users. All flirting technique has their own advantage and disadvantages. You have to go with what works best in your situation. You can or cannot go will all techniques at the same time. Here I am going to give some more tips on flirting.Let's find out some ways of flirting.


Say "Hello" to a Stranger Every Day

Flirting with strangers seems strange and weird, but it does not. To say hello to someone totally stranger will boost your confidence. It will help you to practice more on how to speak, how to smile and how making eye contact. Your smile will make that other person smile too. You never know, your smile can make someone's day.

There is one setback in flirting with strangers. You may find some creepy guys and it may end up in some problem or stressful situation. Beware of creepy guys doing this. If you smile to a wrong person, he may think you in a wrong way. The best place to talk with strangers is a public place, such as malls and gym. You can make friends at your work if it's safe to do so.

Give Compliments

Everyone loves compliments. It is a belief that men do not like compliments. Yes, men also like compliments, but in their own way. They like getting compliments about their success, achievements, how good their muscles are etc.

Practice is complimenting your coworkers, family, friends and college friends. Giving compliments help you not only in flirting, but also in day to day life services. Compliment small kids for doing homework or doing good in sports. This will enhance your natural ability to compliment and it will help in dating.

Beware of Tease and Sarcasm

Teasing is a great way to get yourself some attention from boys. Boys usually likes girls who are naughty in nature.Tease your guy in a light way. You need to make sure that he is getting teased and he likes it. If you are teasing over chat or text it is more tough as you can not see his emotions. So before it makes any communication problem, make sure you are letting them know you were joking.

Sarcasm is a great way to flirt. With sarcasm, you can flirt, let the person know that you are missing him or her and also make funny conversation. To send your boyfriend a sarcastic text early morning or late night reminds him that you are missing him.

Teasing is one of the best flirting technique if carried out in a right way. This is also a very common form of flirting.

What is the best way for flirting ?

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Make Him Want You

When you are in relation or in pre-relation stage, do not give all your time to your man. You should keep him waiting for you. Let him wait for you to be online, for you to text him back or just so you allow him to meet personally. Eagerness shows how intensely he wants you. If you give him all your time, he may not understand how much he wants you. The more he waits for you, it will make him realize that he likes you. This will make him think about you more. He will want to be close to you. This is a more common practice in love birds.

Body Language to Attract

Sexy and cute body language is always a better than verbal communication. Flirting body language always attracts your man and it looks more natural. Here are some tips to be a more flirt with your body language.

  • Smile. When you smile at someone, they take it in a positive way. Smile used as a tool for flirting since ancient time. Along with eye contact, smile is the best tool for flirting.
  • Openness : you should talk to guys in a more open way. When I say in an open way, I do not mean in slutty way but with an open mind. This will provide you with more topics.
  • Eye contact: Keep eye connected with the person you like. Eye contact is important to get attention. Your eyes speak more than you think. Eye contact works really when you don't have any direct contact.
  • Proper posture: Proper posture is important, especially for girls and woman. to stand in the way that you can show your curves in S shape is the way to get manly eyes on you.
  • Touch : Do not hesitate to break the touch barrier if you think you are with the right person. Touch your man's hand and shoulder occasionally while talking. Try to touch his feet under the table and pretend it happened accidentally. This will help you to be more open in conversation.

In a Nutshell...

At the end, I just want to say that being friendly to all people around you, do not get shy. Make more friends, talk with them about many different topics. Body language plays very important role in flirting and for girls its important to maintain girly mannerism to attract partners.


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    • ktnptl profile image

      ktnptl 3 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thanks Amariah, well as long as guys start it it's nice, but when they don't these tips comes handy. ;)

    • Amariah profile image

      Angel Amariah 3 years ago

      Good Hub, But actually as my experience we doesn't need to start flirt to any guy, when all guys are made for flirt they start it before we think LOL, Any way nice hub