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How To Get All Girls To Like You

Updated on February 22, 2018
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Daniel writes about love and life, including opinions of friends in North America, Australia and African nations. Love issues are global!

Are you one of the young men who say you want to learn how to get all the girls to like you? Not just one girl, but all girls. Women are great company and make great friends. If you can get lots of girls to like you, you'll never be without a date.

Some girls will want to mother you, others will want to be your best friend. And, of course, you will find you have the chance to hook up with those who like to get up close and personal. How you choose to interact with individual girls is a personal choice. But first, you want to try and get all the girls to like you.

Many people will insist your goal is impossible and they’re probably right. Bur how do they know if they’ve never tried? Some of us like a challenge.

I know quite a few men who look like average guys and will never win awards for their looks or how they dress. But it seems all women love them. So what makes them special? And how can you replicate their success?

In this article we'll look at what it takes to become one of those special guys all girls like.

How To Get All Girls To Like You

If your goal is to become popular with all the girls, you want women to find you irresistible (for one reason or another) and feel as though they simply must to get to know you.

It will be more of a challenge to get girls to like you if you are either:

  • starting from a position where most girls ignore you or don't even know you exist
  • suffering an existing reputation as a nerd or a try-hard
  • involved with a possessive, controlling girlfriend
  • living on the breadline with no spare cash to spend setting yourself up.

But maybe you can still do it. Perhaps you just need the right strategy. So for the dreamers among you, here’s my thoughts.

Some men just know how to appeal to every woman they meet. What does it take to get every girl to like you?
Some men just know how to appeal to every woman they meet. What does it take to get every girl to like you?

What Is Your Goal?

Be honest. Is one woman enough for you? Or do you want all women to like you?

See results

7 Strategies To Get All Girls To Like You

Here's seven key strategies for getting lots of girls to like you. It is unlikely you'll be able to implement any of them immediately so you'll have to put in a bit of work, and probably lots of time, before your chosen strategy is likely to get results. Remember, if your ultimate goal is to get all girls to like you, there will be an element of 'work' involved.

Here's my top 7 options to consider for getting all girls to like you:

  • Get rich. Rich guys are always popular.
  • Become famous. Maybe it's time to buy a guitar, or a drum kit.
  • Invent something brilliant. Everyone's impressed by success.
  • Stay away from politics. Most politicians repel as many people as they attract.
  • Build a beautiful body. (Certainly not essential if you're rich or famous enough!)
  • Become a hero. You don't have to be Superman, just the good guy.
  • Make the right friends.

Don't be too quick to bounce from one idea to another. You need to plan your strategy if you seriously want to get lots of girls to like you, and then implement it.

1) Get Rich, Get Popular

It doesn't seem to matter how you look or how you behave if you become rich enough. Rich men always attract beautiful girls.

Aren't you constantly surprised by the wives (and girlfriends) of ugly, old, rich men? Even in their 80s and 90s, the world's richest men manage to attract the attention of lovely young women who would surely prefer to spend their lives with a fit young hunk.

It seems all girls like rich men. So getting immensely wealthy is one strategy for getting all girls to like you.

2) Become Famous

A guy who becomes famous (in the right kind of way) quickly discovers how to get girls to like him. All girls want to meet a famous singer, member of a famous band, or famous tv star. Who doesn't want to be friends with the members of bands like 'One Direction'?

All girls will like you if you:

  • win a talent competition on television
  • start or join a band that's popular and good
  • land a regular role on a popular tv soapie or drama show
  • get a million or more hits on your musical performances on youtube.

Let's face it, if you can become famous for being talented, you will be popular. All girls will like you. Job done.

Tip: If you can't play a musical instrument yet, start learning guitar or keyboard (particularly if you can sing.) If you can't sing, learn the bass guitar or drums. Don't bother with the clarinet or cello. You're unlikely to be popular with all the girls if you're just one performer in an orchestra.

It Works For Ed Sheeran

3) Invent Something Brilliant

Show the world how smart and creative you are, and get everyone talking about you. It is not as hard to be an inventor in today's world as it was in the past.

The internet is a wonderful tool. When you've created something ingenious, you can use the internet to promote it. And perhaps also to generate international sales.

  • Create works of art. Enter competitions and wait to be discovered. Meanwhile sell copies of your artworks on the internet to start generating cash. Would your art look good on t-shirts or coffee mugs? You might get lots of online sales.
  • Write a book if you've always wanted to be an author. You could self-publish through Amazon and maybe get picked up by mainstream publishers. Successful authors are interviewed on television and have their photos in newspapers. Girls like best-selling authors.
  • Create some kind of helpful app for smartphones. Then attract millions of customers! Imagine how impressed all the girls will be if they have your app on their phone. It will be a thrill to meet you!

Get your creative juices flowing and see what great ideas you can come up with. All the girls will like you and you'll become very popular if you've invented something brilliant.

4) Stay Away From Politics

As much as you think you could change the world, getting involved in politics is not a smart move if you want all girls to like you.

Sure, there are many Presidents and Prime Ministers and other world leaders who have attracted attention and affection from a myriad of women. But their popularity probably has more to do with their fame than their politics.

The big danger when it comes to politics, is as many women will hate you as those who like you. Many girls are already committed to supporting their preferred political party. If your political position is different to theirs, you're out of luck!

5) Build A Beautiful Body

If you are blessed with good looks, put them to work.

Just make sure you don't get too arrogant and self-absorbed. Girls will notice if your big head outweighs your big muscles.

6) Become A Hero

You don't have to race into burning buildings or risk your own neck saving others. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you'll be the popular hero who helps save a local community hall that's about to be shut down. Or perhaps you'll create a brilliant social media strategy that raises donations to fund a much-needed community project.

Girls love guys who achieve the impossible. Get creative in solving a problem your local girls will notice. But make sure it is a genuine problem. (Don't be one of those idiots who sets a building on fire so you can heroically save people's lives. You'll end up in prison, and nobody will like you.)

7) Choose The Right Friends

How popular would you be with girls if you had a best friend they really wanted to meet?

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors. You might be surprised who lives next door.
  • Be friendly and respectful to elderly people. They might have famous kids (or grandchildren) who come to visit.
  • Don't alienate the unpopular kids you went to school with. One day they might become really famous for something you can't yet imagine. Having a letter (or even better, an autographed photo of the two of you together) could make you very popular with all the girls.

Yes, your new friend (or old friend) might one day make the difference if you want all girls to like you. Your aim is to be popular, so be nice to everyone!

© 2016 Daniel Long


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