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How to Get Girlfriend Back Even If You Have Been a Slob

Updated on June 8, 2010

Did your girlfriend dump you because you are a slob? Do you want to get her back? In this hub you will be reading some steps that can help you get your girlfriend back.

Well, first thing you need to do if you are going to be getting girlfriend back to you again is try changing for her, and for you as well, because not only will you get her back but your self esteem is going to get much better, improve your way of grooming yourself not only for her but for the look and impression you will have, in others words as they say, “Dress to impress”.

Wear clothes appropriate for you and for work, though we must make ourselves feel comfortable we must not be slobs when it comes to dressing casual, maintain yourself in good condition physically, and in your home make sure you always pick up after yourself, that will be a big change and sometimes is not easy to get use to that but in the long run you will, always hygiene yourself and make her feel that you do respect yourself and her by trying to look your best.

When you succeed in taking the slob off of you, and you want to have your girlfriend see the new you, just try to take it slowly like you made your changes, make her feel that the nagging she did about you being a slob was the main point why you decided to change for the better, make her realized that the big change you took to make her happy is going to be permanent and not temporary, this way you are on your way to improving your relationship and prolonging it for a very long time, this is the help that can give you a hope that you can save your relationship and get your ex girlfriend back.


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