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How to Get Him

Updated on February 26, 2013

So you want him, but don’t know how to do it? You’re probably wondering how to do things, right, so that you don’t feel like a fool when you’re approaching or talking to him. Ladies, below I have the easiest, most honest ways on getting his attention and keeping it.

1) Make him notice you. Whether you do it intentionally or without a reason to, this is the first way on luring that or any guy you seem to be attracted to. You could primarily do one or both of the following ways: A) Walk past him even if his attention is on something else, such as him texting, etc... (EXCEPT if he’s with another girl, you wouldn’t want to feel like that if you were in her place, would you?) and make sure to do something totally unexpected not crazy, such as a tiny cough, a loud sigh, etc…these are just examples, you could do anything really...just not desperate looking such as stalking him. B) If he already has your attention with you having intended anything, then just glance at him and keep it neutral. If he looks at you more than once then maybe smile if he isn’t conceited of course. He could either find you really attractive, or he’s just some cocky guy who is aware of an attractive girl and in reaction to this acts real arrogant.

2) Look at him. Don’t ignore him. This is a real mistake a girl does and it really makes you look conceited, boring or uninterested, rather than good looking. You might not notice this, but next time you do this you’ll notice that after the FIRST time you ignored him he’ll pay less attention to you and focus on something (or someone) else such as another girl or what not. If he gets your attention and he glances at you don’t be mean, smile or wave, these are the cutest yet simplest things you could do to get his attention and it’ll make him feel like you’re care-free and cool to talk to.

3) Smile! This should be named the #1 rule to getting him. Make sure you make him feel like you’re approachable. Besides this you’ll look like a happy positive girl, you’ll look way more attractive and he’ll see you’re open to talking to him and you’ll look way more outgoing. Just don’t do this to every guy you see as it will most likely make you seem as a flirt.

4) Stare at him. Gazing also works. This gives him the signal that you’re interested, just don’t stare too long or too much that he’ll find it creepy.

5) Act like if he doesn’t exist. This will leave him wondering what happened, if he messed up on something, or he’ll catch on and follow.

6) Make jokes about yourself. See if he reacts to this. He probably will if he likes you. If he says something like “Nah, you’re not” or he gives you a coquettish comment then he probably likes you.

7) Compliment him. Whether it be directly or as in the examples in tip #6, do the same back, coquettishly compliment him and make sure to let him know you like him, maybe not directly, but drop hints!

8) Don’t greet him first. Let him come talk to you first. You’ll look like you’ve tried too hard to find him if you couldn’t see him at first.

9) Be genuine. If he approached you and thought you were single, whether you’re single or not let him know. If you’re taken, let him know and if you’re single and open to getting to know him, go for it! Remember honesty is key, as it will allow him to view you as more valuable that what you seemed at the beginning.

10) Laugh. Even if what he said wasn’t the funniest thing you’ve heard, lightly laugh or humor him back by saying a joke. Don’t leave him thinking that you aren’t funny and or aren’t open for taking jokes. Guys don’t want a girl who can’t take a joke, who takes it personally or seriously, or doesn’t have a sense of humor somewhere in her. Also if his jokes don’t seem to be funny, don’t do the “I don’t get it?” thing, he’ll most likely feel embarrassed or you might even end up hurting his feelings.

11) Be outgoing. Not short tempered or shy. Let him know you’re care-free and down to have fun. If he asks you to join him and his guys to play basketball, go for it, unless you can’t or don’t want to, but always let him know that you’d like to watch. Let him know that you enjoy this sport (only if you’re being honest) but say that you just don’t want to join a bunch of dudes at a court. If you’re not afraid to get down and dirty (playing basketball of course) then go for it! Guys find a girl hot when they can forget their girly image for a while and can have fun. Just don’t let go of yourself that you end up looking like one of them in the end.

12) Say yes to love. If they say they love you, in an honest, warm way accept it and respond to this. Don’t leave him hanging by not opening your heart up and responding to his affectionate words. Who doesn’t want to be loved? It’s the best thing in the world. If he says he loves you, then he loves you. Just beware of the guy who says he loves you, but doesn’t mean it. He could be looking for other things, if you understand what I mean. Guys use this strategy as a way of gaining or keeping a girl’s interest in them, so wisely study his way of saying it.

Any comments or questions are encouraged to be asked. Don’t be afraid to ask me anything, thanks! J PJN, xo


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    • Jazmyn Nicole profile image

      Jasmine 4 years ago from San Antonio


      Thank you! I'm glad I could help out :) And yes anytime you need someone for advice, I'm totally here. Good luck and god bless you!

    • AngelLambert profile image

      AngelLambert 4 years ago

      Well you were right, this is really helpful :) I think I can understand dating and loving people more. Thanks for the info and help :) god bless.