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How to Get My Wife Back If I Screwed Up

Updated on June 20, 2010

Getting My Wife Back

Have you ever wonder if it was something stupid that you did the reason your wife left you? If you are serious about getting your wife back then you need to know something that is well known as humility, if she is still mad at you it might take you some begging and crawling to get her back.

What you need to do now is admit that you screwed up, agree with her if she tries to tell you some truths and whatever you do don't try to cover it up or make any excuses, do not try to defend what you did, be sincere and do not lie, lying only gets people in more trouble.

Here is what you need to do next, you are going to have to talk to her, tell her that you are going to try your best to change for good, is going to take more than words to make her believe but remember that actions are better than words, if there is something that you were doing and she wasn't happy with, you better do something to fix that, start taking steps to work on that.

If you are among the people that has problems with alcohol and/or drugs is better if you go and look for help before trying to tell your wife that you are going to change, remember that actions speak for themselves, if your problem is related with anger issues take some classes in anger management, whatever problem your wife says you have you better fix it if you really want your wife back.

Now you probably are going to find that this involves a lot of work and you might think that you are fine the way you are, but think for a second about this, if you were fine the way you are, would you be looking for information on how to get your wife back?


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