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How to Get Rid of Your Nerd Status

Updated on December 31, 2012
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Definition of a Nerd

For many people out there, being a nerd is something to be proud of. There are many different definitions of nerds, but, for the most part, they are people who have an obsession of some sort that separates them from the rest of the crowd. They are also a little shy, awkward, and/or strange in ways that those outside of the nerd realm just don't understand. Nerds come in all shapes and sizes and at all different levels within a spectrum from one who is just a little bit of a nerd to someone who is completely out there.

Personally, I love nerds, no matter how weird they are. Nerds make the best of friends as long as you can handle their obsessions over certain books, television shows, movies, games, or whatever else they fantasize over on a day to day basis. As awesome as I think nerds are, I know there may come a time in a nerd's life when they begin to really look into how to get rid of their nerd status because, as fun as it is to spend months hand sewing that perfect costume for the premier of that new movie, there will be a day where a nerd just needs to break out of their shell and become someone new.

I know this because I was once a nerd myself. Although I continue to call myself a booknerd today, there was a time when I was a major nerd in ways that surprise most people I made friends with after I got rid of my nerd status. Back in my nerdy days, I was obsessed with everything J.R.R. Tolkien from about the fifth grade when my father gave me my first copy of The Hobbit and even a little through the premiers of Peter Jackson's movie adaptations of his novels years later. If you are looking at how to get rid of your nerd status, look no further. With my advice, you will hopefully be on you way to becoming more the person you want to be.

"Love Between the Lines"
"Love Between the Lines" | Source

Love that Nerd Side

The first step in your attempts to get rid of your nerd status is to really learn to love your nerdy side. Yes, it sounds counterproductive, but, admitting what you are is key to working towards a new you. In my opinion, even though you want to lose that nerd status, you shouldn't try to completely change yourself. Let yourself be a little bit of a nerd while continuing to work on being a bit more approachable for other people.

Once you lose that nerd status, you may be surprised to learn how everyone has a little bit of a nerdy side to them. The last thing you want to do is begin to hate nerds since, not only will you hate that little bit of yourself from the past, but, you will also close yourself off from most people you may have more in common with. Even if you desire to lose that nerdy status, keeping a bit of your nerdy self around is okay. Nerds can be cool, just as long as that part of them has limitations.

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Geek Chic: Thick Glasses | Source

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Get a Makeover

Although nerds and geeks are technically not the same thing, you may want to try embracing the geek chic fashion if you really want to keep that nerdy side. For those who may want to keep that side of themselves a little less obvious, here are some fashion tips for your makeover as you transition from a nerd to a brand new you:

  • Ditch the T-Shirts: Many nerds out there have t-shirts that are all about their obsessions, whether it has a quote from their favorite movie or a picture of a character they most admire. T-shirts like these were great when we were kids but, as an adult, it's time for some clothes that ask other to take you more seriously. Even getting plain t-shirts can make a difference. Just save those other ones for those random days where you don't have much to do or where them as pajamas.
  • Get a Haircut: Completely changing your hair style can make a huge difference in how others see you. If you are the type of nerd that spends all day in front of a computer or television screen, perhaps getting a haircut will clean you up a bit.
  • (For those girl nerds out there) Try on Some Makeup: Not all girls enjoy makeup, especially wearing it. However, with just a little eyeliner and mascara, you'd be surprised how much your look can change. If you have no idea where to start, go to the mall and ask a makeup artist to help you out. It's free and of course they love to teach you how to use products in the hopes that you will buy cosmetics from their company.
  • Get Rid of the Glasses: Many nerds tend to have glasses so I must say that either updating the style of your glasses or trying some contacts may help you lose your nerd status.

How to Stop Being Shy

Learn How to be More Confident

I have always been an introvert but for many years I was extremely shy, especially during those really nerdy days. Learning to be more confident is the best way to open up to new things and break out of your nerd shell as you get rid of that nerd status. Before I lost my nerd status, I always stayed indoors and spent time with a small group of friends. The best way that I was able to be more confident was not only in giving myself a bit of a makeover, but I also began accepting invitations to go out to parties or hang out with larger groups of friends.

It is a hard road, going from awkward and shy to being more confident and social. Although, like I said before, your fellow nerds may make the best of friends, branching out and meeting other people outside of the nerd realm can be a great way to grow. This is perhaps the most difficult part in getting rid of your nerd status but it will be well worth it as you gain more friends and become more confident in who you are.

© 2012 Lisa


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    • Winterfate profile image

      Darrin Perez 5 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Well, thank you very much for this hub Lisa! :)

      I'm a nerd and proud of it. Normal is overrated anyway. :D

      Voted up, beautiful and awesome!

    • tammyswallow profile image

      Tammy 5 years ago from North Carolina

      What an adorable hub! I am not a nerd, but I think they are awesome. Most of the wealthiest people in the world are self proclaimed nerds. This is an enjoyable read!