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3 Most Effective Ways to Get through the Night After a Lovers' Quarrel

Updated on July 9, 2015

Most ladies find it difficult to get a goodnight sleep after a fight with their significant other. Others end up calling every girlfriend they have until their body submits to exhaustion – which won’t happen until the break of dawn. Unfortunately, doing the same will not earn you anything apart from headache and eye bags.

Put Off for Tomorrow What You Can’t Do Today

Recalling what happened over and over again won’t change a thing. It is not fair that you torment yourself relentlessly overnight while he is probably fast asleep and taking pleasure in dreamland. Or maybe he’s thinking about you too but is just waiting for you to make the first move. If you believe that something has to be said or done, call him. Leave him a voice mail if his phone remains dead or unanswered. He’ll call back when he’s ready, so follow his lead and sleep like nothing happened.

Sometimes it is best to let things cool down first. Tomorrow is never too late; but don’t get overexcited though. Staying awake will only make the night longer. Go to sleep, and tomorrow will come right before you knew it.

Guilty or Not Guilty

Apologize while you can, but don’t panic if there’s no possible way to do it tonight. It’s no use being hard on yourself, or feeling guilty over something that you can’t do anything about. Although it is wise to acknowledge your fault, fretting will not reduce the pain he must be feeling now because he won’t know about it. Who knows, he could be thinking the same way and just waiting for the perfect time to say he’s sorry.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

There can be a million reasons why he has not called yet to patch things up between the two of you – questions you shouldn’t ask yourself because only he knows the answer to. Think positive; quarrels are but normal in every relationship. If you truly believe that what you have is real, reconciliation will come about soon.

Making foolish imaginations about him leaving you for good can intensify your sorrow. On the other hand, a romantic scene of kiss and make up playing in your mind can get your hopes too high. Read a good book to keep your thoughts away from the issue, and retire the moment your eyes get heavy. You may need the energy for the big day tomorrow.

Will you make the first move to patch things up when you think you did nothing wrong?

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