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How to Get Your Husband to Make Valentines Day Romantic

Updated on January 23, 2014

Forget the Hints and Tell it like it is

Don't go beating around the bush if you know your husband is not really that into valentines day. Tell him that you want to go out and let him know that it is important to you.

If he is not the kind of guy to make a fuss or plan anything then it is up to you!

Remember that you are already married and he already has you so he has no need to try and impress you, unless you give him reason to do so.

Valentines day is a chance for you to feel important and if you have lost the spark for it then get it back!!

Men who are married tend to say that Valentines day is a commercial load of rubbish and you need to explain to them that it is not about spending money but giving their full attention and being romantic.

They also don't like to be forced into doing something and why should they be? It would just make it unpleasant for the both of you because it will feel as though he is doing it just to please you.

Everyone needs a little attention and why shouldn't it be you?

Get him to spoil you on Valentines Day
Get him to spoil you on Valentines Day

Get your husband to want to take you out

If you have told him that you want to celebrate valentines and you are still feeling that he is not interested then you have to go to plan b.

Get him to want to take you out and spoil you on Valentines.

You are probably laughing at this and thinking to yourself that it is not going to happen but with a few easy steps it can.

All you need to do is ignite the curiosity in him.

Buy yourself a red dress for Valentines
Buy yourself a red dress for Valentines

Make your husband curious

To do this means that you need to get his attention and by doing that you will have to move his focus away from the television and it doens't mean you need to hide the remote or disconnect the t.v. at the wall. It means that you need to come up with a way to make him notice you.

One morning before you start your day, get up and do something that you haven't done for a while.

Excercise or go for a walk before you have to get everyone else ready for their day.

Once you have done that he will wake up and notice that you are not there.

Another step is to put on your makeup, do your hair and dress to impress before you all go out to work and school.

He will notice that you are all dressed up and wonder about it, I can promise you that.

Let him know that you have a few things to do and one of them is to go shopping for a valentines dress.

Leave it at that and tell him that you need to leave in order to get on with your day.

For the entire day he will be thinking about why you got dressed up and why you are going to look for a dress for valentines if you have nothing planned with him.

Valentines Day should be fun and flirty for married couples.
Valentines Day should be fun and flirty for married couples.

What does your husband think about valentines day?

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Get his attention

Men who are married really don't think that their wives will run off with someone else and they feel safe and make no effort to try and please you because you are not going anywhere.

You need to let him notice that you are aware of how beautiful you are and you need to feel confident and know that you can have everything that your heart desires.

He needs to feel that he has to work a little harder at being a partner and not just a husband.

Getting his attention is easy if you pretend that he is the man that you first started dating.

Once you get to the stores you do need to buy yourself a dress. Find a sexy red number that accentuates the assets, even if you have gained a little weight, you can still revamp your appeal.

While you are out be sure to go to the lingerie section and get something "saucy" to wear to bed.

When you get home place the dress and lingerie on your bed so that when he walks in he can see it.

He might ask you what it is for and how much it cost or moan about the money that you have spent but, never mind!

Flirt on the phone
Flirt on the phone

Get him to Plan a Date

He has seen your outfit and what's to follow so now is the time to ensure that he takes you out willingly.

Send him a text at work and make sure it is a sexy text and has nothing to do with life and bills. It must be flirty and a little sassy.

"Hi babe, you looked really hot when you left this morning and I was just thinking about you."

Seduce him a little over the phone and he will probably call to see if you are alright but if he does call then continue with your flirting.

When he gets home give him a big hug and kiss, let him feel the love and reignite his spark for you.....but don't let him get his way, tell him to save it for Valentines.

Let him know that you are going to have so much fun and that you have some fun things planned for after dinner.

He will be forced to book a restaurant or something because he is curious to see what you have up your sleeve.

Don't stop with the flirting and continue to do this up until valentines day. If it works for you both then it doesn't have to stop then, you can continue to flirt and have fun throughout the year.

Valentines Eve

Just in case he has forgotten to book a restaurant or plan a date then you need to remind him before so that he still has time to book.

On the morning of the eve of valentines, give him a big kiss and let him know that you are looking forward to going out and having fun. Remind him that it will be fun and adventurous so that he is still kept curious.

Don't forget to send him a text or call him at work, even better, go to his work and surprise him with a sneak peak of what is in store for him.

Make sure that you keep him interested by flirting with him the entire time and let him feel as though you are truly excited to go out and "paint the town red," with him.

When he gets home from work be sure to let him know that you are excited and give him the remote for the t.v. so that he can get it all out of his system before valentines.

Valentines Day

The moment has arrived and now you can see if your plan has worked.

Wake up and be affectionate, don't expect anything and let him know that you will see him later.

Hopefully he has got you something nice but if he hasn't yet, then there might be hope that it will be later. Whatever the case, keep your cool in the morning and make as if it doesn't matter.

During the course of the day, send him his text and ask where it is that you will be going. Remind him that you are excited and looking forward to later on.

By now you will know if he has planned anything and I bet you he has!

All you had to do was flirt and have fun.

Get dressed and make sure that you look as hot as you can.

Remember that this is a date and it must be treated as one. This means that you need to have fun and keep the conversation light, as if you are on a first date.

Keep the laughs coming and let loose, have fun and be adventurous.

Enjoy valentines and your date with your husband, knowing that he planned it without being forced to!

Don't forget the gifts

Getting gifts for Valentines day can be difficult if you are married as you have run out of ideas.

There are new gifts that you can buy if you use your imagination!

Get something for the bedroom, get him a naughty magazine, DVD, bedroom gadgets or anything fun to do with the two of you.

Cards for some men are wasted because they are not as sentimental as women are and they don't really keep them or read into them, so getting a funny card is a better option.

Valentines gives you the opportunity to buy underwear and things to use in the bedroom so don't go buying expensive gifts that would be for birthdays. Use your imagination and think like you did when you started dating.


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    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 3 years ago from South Africa

      Thats great! Yes most men think of Valentines as a money making thing

    • etaCarinae profile image

      Sara Johnson 3 years ago from United States

      Hubby is pretty good about Valentines Day usually - although I know he does it just for me lol. He could actually care less, I'm sure. Nice hub!

    • etaCarinae profile image

      Sara Johnson 3 years ago from United States

      Hubby is pretty good about Valentines Day usually - although I know he does it just for me lol. He could actually care less, I'm sure. Nice hub!