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How to Get a Boyfriend Fast and Easily

Updated on September 10, 2012

Worrying too much about how get a boyfriend? Do you love someone so much in secret, without knowing how to tell him? Following some very simple steps you can make a guy like you, love you, and start a good relationship. Getting a boyfriend who really loves you isn’t that hard after all, if you focus on few things you do, and make some alterations! So stop asking yourself ‘Will I ever get a boyfriend?’ and read through our guide to find out ‘how to get a boyfriend’ ,carefully. I am pretty sure you have so many things to collect!

(A word about our guide ‘How to Find a Boyfriend': You can collect many more facts to strengthen your relationship with your boyfriend if you already have one, so I suggest you read on even if you have a boyfriend!)


How to Get a Boyfriend: First Move

You have to ask the guy before its too late, and therefore it’s not good to wait until he asks you, because it may be something never going to happen, if you haven’t let him know that you are in a crush! Obviously you can’t jump out and ask him to be your boyfriend but you have to convince him why he should be your boyfriend! For that do not take an express train, better go slow, do not rush, let the atmosphere build up between you two, and build it yourself!

How to Get a Boyfriend Tip 1: Practice good communication skills

That is, being able to express what is exactly in your mind, and being able to understand the exact thing the person you are communicating with, expects from you.

Communication skills are very essential (Did I stress that enough?) to build, continue a lasting relationship.It is how you express your feeling towards your boyfriend, or partner or the one you wish would be your boyfriend and if you are unable to express what’s exactly in your mind, no matter how really well you feel about him, no matter how much he means to you, you are doing a critical mistake!

How to Get a Boyfriend Tip 2: Mind Your Talking

The way you talk , the way you reply, the way you contribute to a conversation, even your body language (how you keep your head, how you smile, how you keep your hands etc. etc.) all send impressions about you to others, and it plays an amazing role in our attempt to get a boyfriend

  • When you talk, choose correct words, cute words, and pronounce them correctly and playfully. You know, guys love that!
  • Be careful when you talk really serious stuff!

When you throw the words out about your emotions, about your personal beliefs and practices etc. be cautious about his general attitude towards them before you do the talking.

With few casual words you can understand how they are feeling, what they personally believe about what you are going to talk about.

Most of the time, many would not be feeling exactly the same way as you do feel, because this is a diverse world and people look at things from different perspectives.

So the best thing is to start with the topic with few casual words, cautiously and let the conversation flow with most of the talking from them. You can maintain a pleasant conversation with proper conversational words at proper places, with out hitting the jackpot! If your personal attitude is completely different to what they are talking about, don’t argue, just drop it and support them with few shallow words and direct the conversation to a different direction, and that way you can convey effectively to them that you do not agree with them, but you have no intention to hurt them too.


How to Ask Him Out?

  • Do small talk first. Do not jump to the matter at once or you will ruin it.
  • Ask casually, but with utmost care. Show how much it means to you to be out with him.

If he says OK

  • Plan when and where and don’t make any confusion. Check and re-check your calendar and timetable and make sure you are free that particular day.
  • Find a place with lots of people, rather than a lonely place. It would help you to behave normally, without much pressure
  • Do not expect a kiss on the very first day!

If he says he is Sorry and unable to go out

  • Do not get upset. He might have some very important work that day. Perhaps he too might be feeling really sorry that he can’t come with you. That helps to strengthen your relationship.
  • Do not be rude.
  • Do not Cry.
  • Be patient

Believe or not, he will ask you out soon enough, if he is really interested in you!

How to Get a Boyfriend Tip 3: Be an Avid Listener

  • Always believe he is going to tell something valuable and let him see you think like that, when he talks to you.
  • Listen very carefully, consciously and let him know that you do.
  • Stop making quick conclusions and giving your opinion
  • Take your time to express your feelings, if you feel like its not the right time and place, wait. Wait for the proper time and place.
  • Do not over criticize his ideas, even if you feel like it, and stop giving him instructions, instead change the focus of the subject to something else and friendly let him know later what you suggest. Do not insist on anything though.
  • Do not interrupt or make silly comments, take everything seriously.
  • Do not throw him with clue less questions. When he asks you a question, take your time and answer it honestly, seriously. Do not cheat.
  • Before you throw out what’s on your mind weigh your idea and decide how he might feel about it.

How to Get a Boyfriend Tip 4: Be Cautious Over Your Body Language

For communicating we use thousands of gestures, voluntarily and involuntarily, from miniature things to noticeable things. Gestures with our eye brows, laugh lines, color of our cheeks, ears, of hair, locking fingers speak lots of silent stuff, enough for the other person to understand how we are feeling or what we are thinking.

  • The way you look tells many things. Looking directly at eyes, looking at the mouth, looking away from the face of the person who is speaking to you, Raising one eyebrow, Raising two eyebrows all mean very different things.
  • Do not frown. It says you are bored with him. Do not drop your jaw
  • Bite your bottom lip to say you are flirty, but again wait for the right time and place.
  • Touching his arm communicates the message that you wants to be closer to him than you are now

How to Get a Boyfriend Tip 5: Appearance makes huge changes, so appear better!

How you dress, wear make ups, your hair style all become effective factors when grabbing some one’s attention to you. And remember to be consistent with it, because seeing you like an angel in one day and like a ghost the next day would confuse him. Make good impressions and register yourself in their mind as someone really great and practical.

  • Be healthy( of course sometimes you get sick. we all do. That's not what I am talking about!)
  • Maintain a perfectly balanced body
  • Dress cleanly and neatly
  • Mind your manners
  • Do not use excessive make ups- don’t appear artificial, be natural
  • Smile

How to Get a Boyfriend Tip 6: Find His Interests, and yes Do Things That Interest Him.

You can know easily what things mean to him most, and about his hobbies, whether he is a tech geek, or a book geek, or a math geek or…well anything, you can understand easily when you let him talk for a while.

Then you can ask them a nice old thing or two that they would love to answer, and that may lead to an engaging conversation soon! So why don’t you ask them about an application in your android phone, or about a difficult sum, or anything within his scope of expertise?

And make sure how he adores you most, to what dress he likes most, what things he doesn’t like about girls, and do what he likes and don’t what he dislikes!

How to get a boyfriend like you more?

  • Guys love to see you smile. Yes they do. More than you think!
  • A guy loves very much to believe he is the only guy you are talking to( Oh yeah)
  • Guys love your personality
  • Guys hate to see you gossip and giggle like idiots

How to Get a Boyfriend Tip 7: Do not pretend to be someone else, be yourself

Guys hate to see you try to appear different and fail in trying to win their attention. So don’t do that. Be smart, be responsible and be wise. Do not leave your old friends, and don’t be alone thinking all the time about him. Live the life you lead earlier. That makes good impressions!

  • Do not wear Gladiator sandals
  • Do not wear massive sunglasses
  • Do not wear high wasted pants!

I think now we know the answer to the question ‘How to Get a Boyfriend’ and know many more important tips about getting a boyfriend love you more. So now you can stop asking the questions’ will I ever get a Boyfriend’ or ‘How to strengthen our love between me and my boyfriend?” and focus on finding your match as soon as possible or enjoy your life with your boyfriend with full of love. So good luck! Remember to bookmark this page and share this with your friends on facebook and Google+ if you found this useful.


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