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How to Get a Boyfriend by Dropping your School Books or Bag

Updated on April 20, 2013

You see it all the time in romantic comedies: the girl, or guy, walks into a stranger and drops all of his or her books/papers. As they both kneel down to pick up the mess, their eyes' meet, and-- love at first sight!

Yes, it is cheesy and cliché. It's one of the common forms of "meet cute," a quick way to set up two characters, and start their relationship in motion. But does it work in real life?

It all depends on timing, situation, and of course, chemistry. Even if you pull off your book bag spill perfectly, you won't become boyfriend and girlfriend without some sort of mutual attraction. Your crush has to realize that he is interested in you too-- otherwise, you are just a creeper.

Meet Cute Fail

Meet Cute Success

Find Out His Character

Dropping your books or spilling your entire book bag in front of your crush is first and foremost a good test to see if he is kind enough to go out of his way to help you. If he doesn't try to help you, move on and forget about him. And if he is anything like the guy on the video on the right, he isn't worth your time!

Make a Connection

If he does stoop down to help you, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself, and to talk to him. You can start a conversation about almost anything, maybe a book that you dropped, or the teacher one of the classes your book is for. Hopefully, your crush is responsive and has opinions about the same book or the same teacher, and you find something through which to connect. The subject could be anything-- even about the suitcase you use to do laundry, like the video to the right demonstrates.

The most important thing is to be pleasant and open. Show interest in who he is and what he likes.


  • If you want him to respect you, dress attractively, but appropriately. Don't wear a very short skirt or a very low cut shirt-- you don't want to flash him or anyone else as you bend over to pick up your school books!
  • Don't overact. If you make it too obvious that you are dropping your book bag on purpose, he and others around you will just think you are strange. It would be counterproductive.
  • Don't be discouraged if it doesn't turn out as you had hoped. Relationships take time to develop, and effort on the part of both parties. Give it time, and don't be afraid to reconnect with him first!

Other Ideas for Connecting with your Crush

You don't have to contrive a "meet cute" scenario-- the most effective way to establish connections between you and your crush is to simply start a conversation with him. You could sit next to him during class or lunch, you can smile at him in the hallway, etc. A smile goes a long way!

Meet Cute Gone Bad


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    • sgiguere profile image

      Stephanie Giguere 4 years ago from Marlborough MA

      That's a great idea to find a guy-- I guess it just wasn't meant to be!

    • Glimmer Twin Fan profile image

      Glimmer Twin Fan 4 years ago

      Ha! I had to come read this when I read the title. Fun hub and reminds me of when I was in college and asked a guy in my class to help me carry a sofa up to my dorm room. He threw out his back and that was the end of that. He missed a couple of classes and then sat somewhere else for the rest of the semester.