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How to Get a Girl to Like You Just By Knowing Her Birthday

Updated on July 14, 2011

How to Get a Girl to Like You

So you have found a girl who seems really special to you, maybe really special is even an understatement. Maybe you do not know a lot about her yet but you want to make a great impression. I am going to show you an easy way to get a girl to like you by using her birthday to learn what she is looking for in a guy. You don’t want to accidentally act like a loud buffoon out of nervousness when she is actually looking for a polite gentleman.

First you need to find out what her birthday is, including the year she was born. This might require a little snooping if you haven’t talked to her yet or if you don’t know her well. In the age of Facebook this can usually be found easily.

Another way to do this is to slip the question into conversation in a way that sounds natural. If you are in high school, you could first ask her if she has his drivers’ license yet. In college a lead-in could be whether she has turned 21. Once you get the conversation started it is easier to ask her exactly when her birthday is without sounding weird.

Congratulations! You have her birthday. Next you need to get a free astrological birth chart. I recommend using .

Why do you need to do this? Our birth chart tells us exactly where the planets were at our time of birth and gives us insights into our personalities and preferences. It can even show us what women want.

Got all of the information entered? I want you to look at her sun and Mars sign. The sun sign of a girl determines the personality she likes most in guys. The Mars sign tells us what she is attracted to physically in a man.

Sun in Aries is looking or a man who is brave, competitive, assertive, and aggressive. She will want a guy to take charge.

Mars in Aries likely are attracted to an athletic and muscular guy. They can be attracted to firemen or other active men. Likely they will like the color red, so wear that color around them.

Sun in Taurus looks for a man who is stable and secure. She would like a traditional date with a good meal and she would probably appreciate it if you cooked for her. She likes to be touched by men.

Mars in Taurus likes a guy who wears earthy colors and nice quality clothing. She appreciates handsomeness and a solid or maybe stocky build.

Sun in Gemini is looking for someone to make her laugh and have interesting conversations with. She will probably like to be texted and Facebook messaged. The verbal aspect of the relationship will be important to her.

Mars in Gemini does not care so much for looks as she does about personality. She would likely prefer a man with a thin build who wears sporty clothing.

Sun in Cancer girls want security and someone who will listen and understand them. They will want to be protected and cared for by a man who will be sensitive to her feelings.

Mars in Cancer women will be looking for protection from a man so a strong appearance is important to them. They may appreciate a strong core body and chest most.

Sun in Leo is concerned about finding a guy who others respect. She will want to date the captain of the football team, the CEO of a company, or someone who is at least the alpha male in his group of friends. A guy who will treat her like a queen and take her out for extravagant dates is what she wants (at least at first).

Mars in Leo is focused on a man’s confidence. She might appreciate a thick head of hair and stylish yet maybe gaudy or bright colored clothing. To her this projects confidence.

Sun in Virgo wants a guy who is kind, intelligent, and reserved. To her it will be important that you have not had a lot of other girlfriends before her. She will want to be asked out in a discreet way.

Mars in Virgo is looking for a guy who dresses in a modest and subdued way in colors that do not stand out. She will want you to have a simple hair style and look well-groomed.

Sun in Libra wants a classy and well-mannered man who is easy to get along with. She will want to be treated like a lady and for the man to always have good manners. Be on your best behavior around her and do not say anything rude or inappropriate.

Mars in Libra also appreciates good manners and a nice style of dressing. Physically, she will like a man with a beautiful face, who is well groomed, and dresses dapper.

Sun in Scorpio is attracted to men who are dark and mysterious. She might appreciate a challenge and a guy who is hard for her to get to know. She will like an artistic type who is possessive of her.

Mars in Scorpio like a mysterious bad boy who wears black. He might have an intense stare.

Sun in Sagittarius is looking for a best friend before a boyfriend. She will appreciate a guy who is fun to be around, happy, and honest. Once you become good friends she might think of you more as boyfriend material.

Mars in Sagittarius girls like a guy with longer tousled hair who dresses casually. She might like an outdoorsy type of man. Facial hair is likely to be okay with her as she is very laid back.

Sun in Capricorn goes for men who are serious about their careers and are an executive type. Her type of guy has to have a promising career ahead of him. She will often like older guys and men with money.

Mars in Capricorn likes dark haired men who dress business-like. A man in a suit will be very attractive to her. She would like for him to wear natural fabrics in earthy colors.

Sun in Aquarius appreciates guys who are “different”. She wants someone who stands out from the crowd and is interesting or even weird as long as he doesn’t bore her. She might like a guy who does not follow the rules.

Mars in Aquarius likes a guy with an interesting personal style. He might wear bright colors, have a funky hairdo, or have a lot of tattoos.

Sun in Pisces will be attracted to a romantic and shy guy who is creative and sensitive. If you are artistic or musical this is something she will appreciate more than success.

Mars in Pisces likes a man with soulful and dark eyes. He would probably not be very athletic but rather dark, handsome, and artistic.

I hope that this gives you some insight into what women want. If you want to enter your own information and see if it works for your own tastes, check out How to Get a Guy to Like You Using Astrology.


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      Olivia 6 years ago

      I've never seen a write-up like this for women, thank you ?