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How to Get a Guy You Like to Notice You

Updated on June 27, 2014

Getting Him To Notice You: What Does A Girl Have To Do?

Short of jumping up and down, what can you do?
Short of jumping up and down, what can you do?

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One moment I’ll never forget in my life is when a guy suddenly took notice of me. We had met many times before, but he had never really paid attention to me, then BAM he all of a sudden knew who I was and was interested in me.

I've also had this happen towards men. I’ll suddenly take an interest in a guy who I barely noticed before.

Why does this happen? Well, one of the reasons is that we are bombarded with information, people, and tons of other activity in our daily lives, so we filter out the things that don’t interest us or catch our attention and, instead, we put our focus onto the people and stuff that does catch our attention.

This means that if you are interested in a guy and he’s not showing you attention, then it may not be because he doesn’t like you but, instead, it may be because you are literally off of his radar. His focus is on other people, and he doesn't notice you.

Tips To Get On His Radar

If he doesn't notice you, then use the following tips to your advantage. They will increase your chances of him noticing you by a ton!

Stay In His Sight

You always want to be in his line of sight. If you are, then you increase your chances of him noticing you instead of your friends or any other girl first.

So, don’t drift into the background behind your more outgoing friends. Instead keep yourself at the front of the pack when he’s around so that you will be one of the first girls he notices.

It doesn't matter how pretty you are, talented you are, or interesting you are, you always have to remember one thing: The more he see’s you the better chance you have of getting him to notice you.

Keep Your Energy Positive

The energy you send off affects other people in one way or the other. You may notice that when you get angry, your friends or family members become more negative around you, and when you are happy they are happy. You may even notice your own mood changing when you get into the presence of someone exhibiting negative or positive energy.

Knowing this, it is important to use your energy to your advantage. You want to influence a guy in a positive way, not a negative way.

So, don't whine or complain in order to get him to notice you. It may work, but he will not be interested in knowing you better or having you hang around him – because you are negative.

Keep yourself positive and uplifting, and when he does notice you he will want to know more about this positive girl that made his mood instantly better.

Smell Good At All Times

If you smell good to yourself, you probably will smell good to others. It is a great way to get a guy to notice you without talking to him.
If you smell good to yourself, you probably will smell good to others. It is a great way to get a guy to notice you without talking to him.

Don't be scared to load up on the perfume! Your scent could be your best asset to get his attention and make him take notice of you!

Smells have a way of grabbing our attention. I can't tell you how many times I have not noticed someone until they walked by and the smell of their perfume or cologne made me instantly take notice. Sound familiar?

Also, the scent you choose may be a smell that reminds him of a good memory in life, which will instantly associate you with that good feeling. Our brains remember scents from both good and bad memories.

Acknowledge Him: Don't Play Games

It can be tempting to act like you don't notice him so that he makes the first move, but that is a game - and it is a game that could cost you him. If he has a lot on his mind, and you do your best to act aloof towards him, then the chances of him noticing you go down even further.

Don`t sit in the background waiting for him to say something to you. Instead, say hello to him when you see him and say goodbye or have a nice day when you leave. You don't even have to say something - give him a head nod or make eye contact. If you are putting him on your radar, then chances are he will start to really notice you after a while.

Look Your Best At All Times

A guy may notice you when you are at your worst, but it will not cause him to be attracted to you.
A guy may notice you when you are at your worst, but it will not cause him to be attracted to you.

This may sound a bit shallow, but sometimes guys (and girls) will not notice you if you don`t fit their physical preference. They know what they are looking for, and if your presence doesn't seem to match their interest, they will not look.

Think about it like this: When a girl dressed up nice walks past guys, then tend to turn their head and notice.

I`m the least judgmental person in the world and even I didn`t notice a guy until he came around me dressed very well. I had seen him a few times before that, but he had always been dressed down. He later told me that he decided to change up his image just to catch my attention – and it worked!

Touch Him - Not In A Perverted Way...But In A Way That Gets His Attention

If you tried everything else to get his attention, and he hasn`t noticed you yet, then this should speed things along.

Put your hand on him when you are trying to get by him, or 'accidentally' bump into him slightly when you are walking by him. He will have to look at you when you do this, and your chances of him really noticing you will increase exponentially! Then it is up to you to hold his attention and capture his interest.


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