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How to Get a Guy to Chase You

Updated on June 29, 2017

Get a High Class Guy to Chase You

I don't mean get him to run around and creep you out I mean get a high class guy to chase after you and want you by building a high quality life for yourself that everyone wants to be a part of. It is simple and easy and that is all there is to it. Men want to be a part of your life if it is exciting and it is something that he would want to be a part of.

This does not mean that you must go and start jumping off bridges and buying motorbikes to impress, it simply means that you should find things that excite you in your own life and turn it into an adventure that everyone can join in and try.

Think of if you were going to go on a date with you; would you be excited to go out with you? If your answer is no then you know what to do. If your answer is no then take action and make your dreams come true, live life to the fullest in the way that you have wanted to and naturally, don't do something that you are not wanting to to try, just be you but the you living your dreams.

When you are living your dreams and doing all of the things that you have wanted to do then men will chase you because you are living the way that you choose to and it is the high life that you have wanted, which will make them want to join in and do the same.

Raise Your Standards and Expectations

Higher your standards and don't just go for any guy because he looks your way. Get fussy, get picky and selective on who you would like to date. There is no need to be desperate and it is okay to turn down guys that are not in your list of standards.

Don't rush into anything with a guy after a couple of dates if you are not sure that he is a guy that you would like to be around long term. Make him work for you because if you are looking to be loved, respected and taken care of and you want to give all of your support, love and respect to one person they have to be the right one.

You never get to know someone fully after a couple of dates so take your time and play by your rules and whatever happens, happens. If he is not interested in waiting around or respecting your time frame then you will know that he is not the guy for you and he is obviously not commitment material.

Avoid Boyfriend Privileges until he is your Boyfriend

Guys also love relationships and giving up the best part of you before you are in a committed relationship will not get you going very far.

It is not about being intimate at all it is about giving him what he cannot get and that is someone to listen to him, someone to confide in and someone to make him feel wanted. He wants to know that he has a best friend that understands him and enjoys his company too.

He would like to have the security of knowing that you are loyal to him and that he can count on you for support whenever he needs it.

If you give a guy all of these things before he asks you out then he will never date you because he has everything he needs without having to commit.

Avoid Trying to Date Guys because they are Hot

Everyone enjoys some eye candy and it would be dreamy to date the hottest guy around but the hottest guy and the richest guy might not be the best one for you. When being selective you need to look at what guy will give you everything that you need too. Look at if he is going to be there for you to support you, listen to you and love you unconditionally when you need it. If he does not put any time into making you happy then he is not worth it!!

If you wait to find the guy that is best suited to fit your needs and not the stereotypical guy that everyone wants to date, you are holding him at higher standards and this will make him feel good. He will also realise that you do have high standards and you are not just going to accept success and looks as the prize.

You need to make it clear to the guys that you have standards and that they have to fit into your mould before they have a chance with you.

Be Prepared to Walk Away from Him

This is a lot easier if you have a high standard of living or a high quality life. If you walked away from prince charming you would still have a wonderful life to go back to and enjoy.

If you don't have much to go back to then he would assume that he can do whatever he wants and get away with it because he would think that you have nothing better to leave him for.

Make sure that you can walk away by knowing that you have your own life to go back to and it is a great one that does not need anyone to fill the gaps.

If a guy knows that you don't have to be there but that you choose to be there than he will not try to get away with doing the wrong things and he will show some dedication to you.

Maintain a high level of self respect so that he knows that should he be abusive or uninterested in anyway, you would be able to walk away without hesitation.

He needs to know that you have high standards and that you have self respect and will not take any nonsense from anybody.

Get Him to Chase You

Would you like a guy to chase you?

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Get Him to Chase You Now

You can have any guy that you want if you have self respect and high standards. By being confident in yourself and establishing an independent life that everyone would love to be a part of then any guy would want to jump in and follow you.

They don't want you to be the man in the relationship but they would like to know that you have your own vision, dreams and aspirations which might be motivational for them to want to do the same.

Getting him to chase after you is easy if you have a life that you have built for yourself which you find exciting and you enjoy. You also need to make it known that you will not just accept any guy into your life and it would be difficult to become your boyfriend because of your expectations in a guy.

They have to know that it is not easy to get to date you but that they would be lucky to have you as a girlfriend and your lifestyle choices and standards can make this clear to him.

Never Appear Needy

Guys that find girls who are willing to run after them will not really make any efforts for you because you appear to be desperate and needy which means that they can do anything and you will just accept that.

You are the leader in your own life and you need to show everyone that you walk with your head held high and accept nothing but the best.

Avoid going for the stereotypical prince charming and set yourself up for the best guy that will comfort you, love you and place you as his top priority everyday.

There are guys out there that would love to be with you and would do anything for you if they knew that you had an amazing life of your own which you love to live, if you show that you have high standards and would not accept just any guy and if he can see that you have self respect which gives him the opportunity to give you all the respect that you deserve.

Chasing him is never an option and you need to know that if he does not chase after you then move on because there are plenty of guys that would.

Get a Good Life for Yourself

Have a look at the video that is so inspirational. If you have no idea how to make your life a good one and an exciting one for yourself then listen to the inspiring words of Robin Williams.

You are the maker of your own destiny and you are worth more than anyone can offer you so you need to make it clear to others that you will accept nothing less than the best for yourself.

By living with high standards and achieving your own goals, the right kind of guys will be attracted to you and you will get a guy that will chase you, even to the altar.

Build up Your Life


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    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      10 months ago from South Africa

      men like confidence. a woman should just be herself and the rest will work out on its own

    • charity mtisi profile image

      charity mtisi 

      11 months ago from Johannesburg

      Thank you fort he interesting article..I read somewhere that man like woman who seem to get all the attention. Someone all the guys want to date , someone who has a full life of her own.

    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      2 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks for your great feedback once again. Yes I think at the end of all of this, men and women have similar expectations and it is about compatibility and running in the same circles that will lead to a lasting relationship.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago

      "Men want to be a part of your life if it is exciting and it is something that he would want to be a part of." - Very true!

      I also like the fact that you said the following:

      "Think of if you were going to go on a date with you; would you be excited to go out with you? If your answer is no then you know what to do." Most people never imagine being the other person and looking back at themselves.

      The easiest thing in the world is to create a "must haves list" but once you look at yourself from "their shoes" you have to be honest with yourself and ask: "If I were (Mr. Perfect) would I want me?" Like attracts like. Compatibility trumps compromise!

      You're never going to see a guy who looks like Brad Pitt dating a woman who looks like Rebel Wilson or Gabourey Sidibe.

      To meet most people you have to run in their same circles. Otherwise you're relying on a "chance encounter". Imagine being them and ask yourself where you would go to socialize, vacation, workout, dine, shop, or to relax and have fun.

      Having said that today's men are not interested in "chasing" women. They want to be met half way. No guy wants to risk being called a "stalker" or waste time trying to figure out if a woman is interested in him or not. This is especially true once a guy is age 30 and beyond.

      The initial impetus for why a guy asks a girl out is because he is physically attracted to her. If he's not attracted to her he won't usually invest his time or money trying to learn more about her.

      "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". You can't control that.

      Secondly (timing) is another factor no woman can control. Maybe the guy just got out of serious relationship or his some major goal he wants to accomplish before settling down odds are no matter what a woman does or how she behaves he's not going to chase her.

      Last but not least her (competition) may be playing by a different set of rules. As I noted earlier not many men infatuated with being rejected these days or told they need to up their game in order to be with a woman.

      They want to be loved and accepted for who (they) already are.

      In today's climate as far men are concerned rejection means next!

      Truth be told there are a lot of guys who using the same strategy to attract women. They believe if the ignore women they will attract them. I call it the 5th guy theory.

      If you stick a woman in a room with five guys and have four them drop their knees extending their heart out towards her while the 5th guy sits in a corner sipping on a cocktail acting as if she does not exist.

      That will be {the guy} she wants to get to know!

      He's a mystery, a challenge, and she has to prove to herself that she can win him over. At the very least she has to find out what is his story. If other women want him it just raises his stock.

      Personally speaking back in my single nightclub days I have had women send a drink over to my table, approach me to dance, and one even walked by and stuffed her phone number in my pocket. I'd walk into a club looking my best and simply chat and laugh with the DJ, one of the bartenders, or the manager and ignore everyone else for the night. One woman who flirted with me that I took home told me she was wondering if I was gay. LOL!


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