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How to Get a Guy to Like You Using Astrology to Make Him Attracted

Updated on July 11, 2011

How to Get a Guy to Like You

So you have found a guy who makes your heart flutter. Maybe it is his sense of humor that makes you giggle or maybe his cute floppy hair or how talented he is at the guitar. Whatever it is, there is something so special about him that you notice. Maybe you do not know a lot about him yet but you want to make a great impression. I am going to show you an easy way to get a guy to like you by using his birthday to learn what he is looking for in a girl.

Of course this is not a hard and fast rule, but it will help you get your foot in the door and make a great impression that appeals to him and helps him see all of your beautiful qualities on the inside.

First you need to find out what his birthday is, including the year he was born. This might require a little detective work on your part if you have not spoken to him yet or you do not know him well. In the age of Facebook this can usually be found easily.

Another way to do this is to slip the question into conversation in a way that sounds natural. If you are in high school, you could first ask him if he has his drivers’ license yet. In college a lead-in could be whether he has turned 21. Once you get the conversation started it is easier to ask him exactly when his birthday is without sounding weird.

Great job! You have his birthday. Next you need to get a free astrological birth chart. I recommend using .

Why do you need to do this? Our birth chart tells us exactly where the planets were at our time of birth and gives us insights into our personalities and preferences. It can even show us what men want.

Got all of the information entered? I want you to look at his moon sign and Venus sign. The moon sign of a man determines the type of personality he likes most in girls. The Venus sign tells us what he is attracted to physically in a woman.

Moon in Aries likes women who are brave, competitive, assertive, and independent. A girl who isn't afraid to challenge him or who plays hard to get is his cup of tea. Try challenging him to a board game or something adventurous like racing dirt bikes.

Venus in Aries will go for a woman who is athletic in her style of dress, thin, and has muscle tone. He will probably like the color red so you could wear that around him.

Moon in Taurus looks for a woman who can cook, is easy-going, and likes to give hugs. The really easy way to him is through his stomach by offering him good food or drink.

Venus in Taurus likes a woman with curves who dresses very femininely and wears perfume. A woman with a flowy hair style and who wears makeup (but not too much) appeals to him. He might admire a beautiful necklace.

Moon in Gemini is intrigued by girls who he can have interesting conversations with and makes him laugh with her wit. He will probably like to be Facebook messaged and texted. For him it would be fun to go to a stand up comedy show.

Venus in Gemini does not care so much for looks as he does about being entertained by a girl. Still, he can be attracted to an athletically dressed girl with a thin waist and shoulders.

Moon in Cancer seeks a girl who is sweet and will care for and comfort him like a mother. He is likely to want to talk about his feelings and be understood. He is looking for a happy family life and security so you might get his attention by baking chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies just like his mom did for him.

Venus in Cancer will be more attracted to a girl with curves who wears dresses in soft and light fabrics. They tend to be breast men.

Moon in Leo likes women who are extravagant, a bit bossy, and confident. He will want to admire the girl he is with but at the same time she cannot cut him down or hurt his pride. A good way to impress him is by singing or dancing in public, such as through performing karaoke.

Venus in Leo can sometimes choose a woman for looks over personality. They like flashy clothing and accessories with a lot of gold. He will probably also like a woman with a voluminous head of hair, particularly in blonde.

Moon in Virgo wants a girl who has perfect manners, is intelligent, and reserved. He will be slow to share his feelings and he will be discreet about asking you out. It is very important that you are not the type of girl who has dated a lot of other guys (or at least do not share this). He wants a girl who is pure. Mention how important it is that you keep your room clean and organized and he will be impressed.

Venus in Virgo looks-wise wants a girl who dresses modestly and plainly. Wearing light colors and having neat hair in a bob-style will attract them. They like neatness and minimal makeup.

Moon in Libra for a woman to be sweet, easy to get along with, and have a lot of friends. He just wants things to be harmonious and beautiful so any conflict will not go over well with him. Show him that you are easy, fun, and light to be around. This guy might actually appreciate having flowers sent to him once you are his girlfriend.

Venus in Libra looks for a beautiful appearance and feminine style. He may be attracted to a woman’s butt.

Moon in Scorpio like sexy women who may be forward in their flirting style. She will be intense and mysterious. He wants to make sure he can trust you so it might take awhile to get him to open up. Something that might interest him would be going to see a horror film together.

Venus in Scorpio likes women who dress sexy and wear black and red. They may like see through black tops or dresses.

Moon in Sagittarius is looking for a best friend before a girlfriend. He wants someone who is fun to be around and he likes girls who have done well in school and have graduated from college. It could take a long time to get him to ask you out on a date because it will feel like you are hanging out with a friend. He will be up for doing anything fun and interesting.

Venus in Sagittarius will enjoy women with long and toned legs who dresses casually in short skirts and shorts. A tousled hair style with not a lot of effort put into it is fine with him. He might like a girl who enjoys the outdoors.

Moon in Capricorn goes for women who are serious about their careers. He will also want for her to be reserved and serious. Often, he might be attracted to older or more mature women. Show him that you are serious about your future.

Venus in Capricorn likes dark haired girls who dress business-like and in earthy colors. She will be sophisticated but understated in her style of dress.

Moon in Aquarius appreciates women who are “different”. He wants someone who stands out from the crowd and is interesting or even weird. The women he likes will not follow the rules. For fun, he will enjoy being sociable and around a lot of people.

Venus in Aquarius likes a girl with an interesting personal style. She might wear bright colors or wear bohemian clothing. He likes a woman with good calves.

Moon in Pisces will be attracted to a mysterious and shy girl. On her spare time she would be into the arts, dancing, music, photography, or something creative. He would definitely enjoy going to a concert or getting a mix CD from you.

Venus in Pisces looks for a girl who dresses femininely and in soft or sheer fabrics. He may notice a girls’ shoes and they may admire beautiful feet (get a pedicure!).

So there you have it. I hope this gives you some insight into your guys' particular taste in women and from there you can make your move. If you want to enter your own information and see if it works for your own preferences, check out How to Get a Girl to Like You Just by Knowing Her Birthday.


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      7 years ago

      Love it! Thanks for including both Moon & Venus ?

    • manthy profile image


      8 years ago from Alabama,USA

      Wow I didn't know any of the awesome info in this hub, Thanks for sharing it,I voted it a up & useful


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