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How to Get and Keep a Good Man

Updated on January 16, 2014

Screwed Up? Don't Worry, There's a Solution to Every Problem


Stop Struggling Your Man and Start Loving Your Man the Right Way

Do you struggle with love, men and/or relationships, ladies?

Are you the kind of woman that says decent, respectable men are hard to find?

Are you one of those virtuous, righteous sister-types that think all men are evil, but you secretly wish you had one lying next to you?

Perhaps you are waiting for Jesus and nothing is wrong with that if that’s what you need to do. But, before time does what time is supposed to do: age you. Here’s a tip: Jesus never married and I don’t think he actually dated, but I’m not a Bible expert. I know a woman washed his feet and hair. Sure, that can be sexy, but I don’t think that was the intention.

This is not a come-to-Jesus hub, so let's skip over the religion and get to the forbidden: the sex.

Did you sleep with him one night, and he didn’t call the next day?

Did you give up the good stuff too soon?

Did you tell spill the bedtime secrets before he even asked for your birthday?

Could it be my beautiful sister that you are giving your precious possessions away?

The Truth About Men

As easy and simple as it sounds, this is the honest truth; men aren’t particularly mysterious at all. They want the same things women want: love, respect and appreciation

But, we screw it all up.

They don't want a desperate woman that give her emotions, her body and mind up in a hurry. In their head, they think just like you, "if she gave it up this easy for me, who else and how many others have been here and done this, just like that?"

Sisters, that's the honest truth, but as we grow we learn. If not, then we should if you don't want to be a notch on a man head board. Read to learn more secrets.


The One Thing Most Men Want You To Know

They want a good woman, just as bad as you want a good man. In their eyes, good woman are hard to find too.


Is The Love We Don't Know Yet Is Better than the Hate We Know

Have you ever stayed in a relationship with a bad man because you didn't think there wasn't any better man available?

See results

No Relationship is a Failure; It's Experience

What Makes Me The Expert

Well besides being a financial consultant, coach and breaking news commentator, and THIS is how you want to look at, from a financial planning perspective, I’m a romance success, although I’ve been married and divorced several times.

Ha! Some might think I should feel ashamed about all of my marriages, but I’m not.

I didn’t fail.

My exes didn’t fail.

The relationship didn’t fail.

Like anything else on this planet, it ended.

Marriages, Relationships and Partnerships are like Money

You invest in them.

You spend your precious time and money on them.

You protect them.

And when some of us genuinely have a good man, we want to own and possess it, but people are not possessions although they are like investments.

If you want a man of high value to catch you, you just better be of high value of a catch yourself.

You Do This Wrong All the Time, and Complain

Ladies, we go into this dating game all wrong.

We become needy, pushy and begin to imagine trouble. If we don’t have trouble in our relationships, we are really skilled at making trouble. If you do that, please stop.

Seriously, who wants to invest in something that is damaged or needs work?


A man, just like a woman can smell a bad investment and it doesn't matter how expensive the perfume is that you wear. When it smells, it smells bad and most people run away from the bad even if it looks and smells good, but most of the time it smells bad.

And if they do invest, it will be an extremely embarrassingly low cost which translates to less time spent with you and less interest in the relationship. No matter what you do in this case, you lose. Most of the times, you can't fix broken perception that someone has of you. And if you think you can and invest more and more of your time in lost hope, you'll end of bankrupt and that's the truth.

Take the experience and leave with your head up, men come around like a bus, every 15 minutes in big cities. Now, that you know better, you'll do better sister.


Did You Text Him Again?


He's Praying for You to Stop, But Will You?


Get Off That Man's Back and Jump Onto This

Have you ever thought that you might really be the problem?

I know, he has told you this already, but you don't believe it.

Most men don't talk much, but when they do, believe them.

We Talk Too Much

Yet, ladies we complain when we don't have a man and when we get a man we complain to him. Stop riding your good man to death. He may close his ears, but his back can only handle so much.

Don't say things such as these;

  • We don't go anywhere
  • You don't buy me anything.
  • You're lazy.
  • You left the toilet seat up.
  • Where are you going?
  • When are you coming home?
  • Who is that?

Seriously, ladies, you crack me up.

· He’s lazy?

· He doesn’t spend time with you?

Are you worth his time? Not if you constantly nag or criticize him. Seriously do you want to be around someone that complains and nags all the time? That’s a sure way to get a man to leave and even hate you. I know I can’t stand to hear my children whine, although I love them. I just wish I was someplace else when they whine, but I don’t have a choice. Your man can leave and eventually he will. He might run into such a broad; one that doesn’t unnecessarily criticize, condemn or complain. One that knows how to let a man be a man. If you want him to stay and not leave, you will need to stop your incessant whining.

Win His Love Forever Learn Secrets from the "Man Code"


The Keys to Getting and Keeping A Good Man - 19 Things You Must Understand

Get in the driver's seats and be happy in love

Ladies, you want to be the woman he wants to wed, not the woman he wants to bed.

The only way to do that is to be a woman of substance and value.

19 Ways to Become a Woman a Man Loves and Values;

  1. Respect yourself and your body
  2. Have skills in the bedroom and outside of the bedroom
  3. Have your own money – even if it’s not as much as you want
  4. Have your own life outside of his life
  5. Have trustworthy and loyal friends (men and women) to hang out with
  6. Give your man some space
  7. Don’t look for trouble and you won’t find any
  8. Don’t argue
  9. Have a career or be a damn good housewife
  10. Keep your house clean
  11. Keep your car washed
  12. Keep your kids clean
  13. Be a loving daughter to your parents
  14. Get to know his family
  15. Learn what happen to his last relationship and do the exact opposite
  16. Be cheerful so he will come back for the smile
  17. Make sex, sexy and surprising – he only gets it when you want to give it, not the other way around
  18. Always upgrade your skills – being smart is very, very sexy
  19. Whatever you did to attract him, keep doing that


Forgiveness is Divine

Hurt, disappointed by your man or someone else?

The best thing you can do is to forgive:

  • Forgive Yourself
  • Forgive the Person that Offended You

Forgiveness is crippling, just like hate... hang on to it and you can become like your offender.

Learn how to Forgive Someone that hurt you click here to read How To Forgive Someone

Know When to Let Go

You lose some, but you will win more; follow these steps and watch what happens.

Words of Wisdom:

Some people, like things are bad investments. Don't cry over spilled milk. You can always replace your investment, even if you paid a high cost to acquire it. Some investments may take longer to replace, however with proper planning, anything is possible.

Don’t waste your time on a man that is not willing to give you what you want. Remember relationships are an investment. So, try to weed out the weeds such as players, users and abusers early even if they look good, are passionate lovers and/or have money. Everything has a price and sister, believe me some men are way overpriced.

Here’s an easy way to lose a loser: tell him he is no good.

One of two things will happen;

  • He will leave
  • He will prove you wrong

Either way, you win.

Ladies be the woman you want your man to be. Your haters will wonder why you are smiling, but only you will know the truth. When you love, respect and value yourself, others will too.

It’s not rocket science baby, its financial planning on a love high.

All the best of good love to you!


Pioneer of Worry Free Living

Tell us about your dating and/or relationship success and failure. As we share, we all learn. Life is a circle. Leave your sage advice below.

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