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How to Handle Attention Craving Girls

Updated on April 20, 2013

Give me attention

Will someone save me from these crazy girls?

We all know them. Those attention seeking women who crave and demand all your attention. Sometimes it can feel like you just can't get away from them. They just keep coming back time and time again.

It can also feel impossible to deal with attention craving girls. Perhaps you've tried everything, even being rude to them hoping they'll go away.

I've have many, many dealings with attention seeking girls in my life. Learn some tips I've learned during my life on how to handle those attention craving girls and improve the quality of your life.

Handling those attention seeking girls

Tip 1: Change the topic of the conversation

You're probably thinking "what"? Hear me out. Something I've found that really works is always changing the subject of the conversation. Pick something they absolute hate. Do they dislike sports? Then talk about it at every opportunity and eventually they'll get sick of it and hopefully leave you alone.

Tip 2: Ignore them

This is much easier said than done and doesn't always work. However, most girls that crave attention hate it when they're ignored. It can be difficult to continually ignore someone, and you might hate yourself because you think it's rude. However, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind and teach the girls that the world doesn't revolve around them.

Tip 3: Confront them

This is really difficult and should only be done if you're sure the girl will take it well. I suggest starting out with some questions that may not raise too much suspicion about where the conversation is heading. Maybe talk about a Facebook post that was clearly posted to gain attention. Or talk about their latest relationship with a boy that didn't last too long. Work your way to asking them why they are always seeking attention. Often, I've found girls know they are attention seekers and they'll be quite forthcoming about why they're like that. You might even be able to help them overcome the problem.

Tip 4: Don't give in to the demands

This is an absolute must. Most girls who demand attention also demand many other things (like favors). It is important not to give in to these demands because otherwise they will just ask and expect more and more from you. That is the last thing you want because then the demands will literally never stop.

Tip 5: Prepare some great excuses

Need to get away in a hurry? Start thinking of some great excuses you can use. Try not to use the same excuses all the time otherwise they'll think you're trying to get away from them (which is actually true but you probably don't want them to know about it). Some excuses I've used include "I have to run to a meeting", "I really have to finish this [task]", "I have to run to the toilet", "I'm really tired" and "I'm just to go about and see someone". I'm sure you can think of some excuses which are much better than those. If you've got any suggestions leave a comment below and let me know.

Tip 6: Have a friend ready to bail you out

Your friends will also recognize those girls who demand attention. Often, they'll be more than happy to help bail you out if need be. Talk to them and ask them to come and save you when they see a particular girl or girls coming to talk to you. Make sure you do the same for your friends - share the love!

Tip 7: Avoid them

This one may seem obvious but sometimes the best thing to do is avoid those girls who crave your attention. This may be impossible of course, depending on how you know the girls. However, you may be able to avoid them at times by staying home instead of going to a party or changing the times you go to a certain event.

Tip 8: Patience, patience, patience

Sometimes, dealing with girls who demand and crave attention requires us to work on ourselves. Patience is often the key for dealing with such girls. Make yourself do something you hate or you find particularly boring to build your patience and your character. This will help you put up with things in life you just can't stand, like attention craving girls.

So those are my tips. Got any more? Leave a comment and let me (and the world) know it.


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