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How to Know You Found a True Friend

Updated on December 1, 2014

Sometimes in life it could be hard to find a true friend. When one has been hurt numerous times they feel that the world is against them. There are good people out there and here are some ways how to tell that you have a good friend:

1) They accept who you are. A true friend accepts you for who you are (faults and all).

2) They do not criticize you. You could like a band from 60's and your friends do not care. They do not make comments about your likes and dislikes. They do not try to change who you are. They accept who you are and love you because of it.

3) They always give you encouragement. If you are nervous about something they make you feel that everything is going to be okay.

4) They support your dreams and goals. They do not try to talk you out of what you want. Even when you feel like giving up they support you.

5) They respect you. They do not make you feel bad for the decisions you make in life. They know how you feel about certain situations and they do not try to put any pressure on you.

6) You could be yourself around them. You could let loose and know that they will not make fun of you.

7) They stick up for you when someone hurts you. They are very protective of your feelings and do not want to see you upset. They get mad when someone tries to hurt you and may even intervene because they hate to see you upset.

8) They are there for you through thick and thin. You shared many good times but you also shared bad times as well. They are there to talk no matter how late it is and you know that you could always count on them.

9) You enjoy their company. You have many laughs together and good memories. When you are with them you forget about your bad day (If you had one). You can't wait to see them and catch up. You don't care what you are doing, as long as you are together.

10) You shared many laughs together. You have inside jokes and all of the jokes that you have with each other never gets old.

11) They worry about your feelings. They are honest but know how to say things.

12) They make time for you. There are some friends who only speak to their friends when it is good for them. That is not a friend. A friend will not cancel plans with you because something better came up. They will stick to the plans they made with you and only cancel if an emergency happened. They hate to do anything to disappoint you.

13) They let you talk about the guy you like. They never make you feel that you cannot talk about things to them. If you have fallen hard for a guy, they listen. They never tell you things like "You are annoying," "This is boring" or "I am so sick of hearing about him." Instead they listen and are happy that you met someone who makes you happy.

14) They are happy when you are happy. They are happy when the guy you have been crushing on forever finally asks you out. They do not get jealous if you go on an amazing vacation or win the lotto.

15) They make you look on the bright side of things. If you are nervous about something they calm you down and you love talking to them because they always have something positive to say. They always find a way to make all of your insecurities to go away.

16) They give you good advice. You know whatever they say is to help you and not hurt you. They would never put you in a position where you can get hurt.

17) You could trust them. Deep in your heart you know that they are a true friend and would never do anything to deliberately hurt you.

18) Almost every adventure you have been on was with them. The both of you have experienced a lot together.

If you have one good friend, you are set for life. As you get older you realize that it is better to have a few good friends than a bunch of fake ones.


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    • itsmesudiksha profile image

      Sudiksha 3 years ago from Nepal

      wow! happy that I've found a true friend! thank's for writing

    • Garimaa profile image

      Garima Bista 3 years ago from Kathmandu,Nepal

      Well the way you explained was really good. It is difficult to find a friend trust worthy. Good writing!