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How to Know You are Dating Mr. Right Now

Updated on November 17, 2014

Some girls want a relationship so badly that they believe that the guy they are in a relationship is the one for them. How do you know when you met Mr. Right? Sometimes the guy you think is Mr. Right is actually Mr. Right now. If you want to know how to stay clar of Mr. Right now here are some ways how to tell you are involved in Mr. Right now.

1) He is good looking. He is buff and looks like a bodybuilder.

2) He flirts with everyone. He is outgoing and when he is not trying to flatter you he is on the move with someone else. He cannot be trusted.

3) He is either a bartender or a personal trainer. Bartenders have a reuputation for being players and personal trainers also get a lot of girls. Guys in these professions work so much that they hardly have time to date or be in a relationships. They also around a lot of girls and have girls flirting with him all the time.

4) He cannot remember the amount of girlfriends that he has had in the past. If a guy is in his twenties he should be able to remember the amount of girls he dated. If he had more that 10 that is a bad sign.

5) He has never been in a long term relationship. A guy who only had short term relationships is not a guy who wants to be in a serious one. Yes guys do get their heart broken too but there are some guys who just do not want to be in a relationship.

6) He breaks up with girls over the little things. Everyone has qualaties what they ant in a relationship but there are some break ups that are not major dealbreakers. You should be able to talk about what you ant in a relationship and not call it quits for no reason. If he dumped a girl over something stupid in the past be careful he willl break your heart over the most dumbest thing too.

7) You have a feeling he is not the commitment type. Somestimes you get a feeling on weather or not a guy is true. If deep down you are telling yourself not to trust him than go with your gut. You may have insecurity problems but your gut is not wrong all of the time.

8) He is not there when things get tough. Mr. Right now is all after fun and games. He will flirt with and laugh with you but if he leaves when you need him the most he is not the guy for you.

9) He is a charmer. He will tell you anything and everything you want to hear to get you to fall for him. He has a conquest to get you into bed. He will act like he will not give up on you but after he gets what he wants it is over between he both of you.

10) He gets bored quickly in relationships. At first he thinks you are amazing. He does this with every girl he has ever been with. Then after a year or a certain amount of time he feels that the spark is gone. It could be that he does not like routine. Mr. RIght now wants his freedome and a variety of different girls. When he is with the same girl for a long amount of time he will get bored and want someone new.

11) He is after the chase. He is chasing you because you are not always after him. He tries to make you feel comfortable so you feel that can trust him. Then when you let your guard down he will break your heart.

12) You have not met his friends or family. If you have been seeing a guy for a couple of weeks you should have met his friends or family.

13) If he goes out with his friends alone on the weekends. If he cannot give up a saturday night with the guys at a bar he just want you on he side. Most couples are together on the weekends.

14) If you have been seeing each other for a couple of months but have not labled anything yet. He wants to have fun ith you on the side and not be in a relationship.

15) He will not talk about he future with you. If he does not talk about the future with you or make you feel that you are in it, he is just into having fun for now.

If you are dating a guy who does any of these things then you are dating Mr. Wrong. If the guy you like suddenly moved onto another girl for no reason than do not get upset. He is Mr. RIght now and does not want commitment. Do not worry he will do to her what he did to you. Save yourself the hurt and break free of Mr. Right now and start looking for Mr. Right.

Were you ever involved with Mr. Right now?

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