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How to Know if He Will Marry You

Updated on December 30, 2014
How to Know if He Will Marry You
How to Know if He Will Marry You

Signs that He Wants to Marry You

Marriage scares some men because they worry that it will tie them down, and that it will be difficult for them to do all the things they could once do. It is good if you can take the courage to find out what it is that's bothering him about marriage or if it's just that he doesn't want to live the rest of his life with you. Unfortunately guys do stay with women for long periods of time without seeing marriage. If he doesn’t show any sure signs of marrying you, then chances are he doesn’t see that serious commitment with you. So it will be better to tell him that you are not interested in continuing a relationship which is not headed toward marriage.

Top 10 Signs He Wants to Marry You

1. He discusses about marriage with you:

When he makes comment about marriage most of the time and telling you all kinds of things like how amazing it would be spending the entire lifetime together, it seems like marriage is on his mind a lot. He’s really excited about settling down and having a family. That’s probably a sign he wants both of you to spend the rest of your lives together.

2. He spends a lot of time with you unlike before:

The fact that he’s ready to get married makes him spend more time with you all the time. Just for him to be with you, he’d like to take you out for a romantic dinner, and tells you how much you mean to him. Things such as that will help deepen the relationship.

3. He wants you to spend more time with his family:

If you want to spend the rest of your life with him then his family is part of the deal. And if you love him deeply, you’ll want to make him happy even if it means spending an hour or so connecting with his family. If you want the relationship to go somewhere better, then you have to get along with his family. It sounds like they want to get to know you, which is a good sign. You do have to know his family well enough if you want to do something like get married, just as he would have to get to know yours. It’s of course a sure sign that he’s ready to get married.

Source: By toanmda via
Source: By toanmda via

4. He wants to meet your family:

If really he wants to marry you, he would have to ask your dad for your hand, which means your dad would have to know him and like him. Your boyfriend is trying to get you more involved in family life because it seems to me he has made up his mind that you are the one for him. He sees more of a future for both of you than you do. Again, he wants to show that he’s a man of honor, that he respects your parents very much. He doesn’t want to appear weak by hiding from your parents. He wants to see what kind of family you have. He wants his relationship with you to be out in the open, so he can spend more time with you any day. One important thing, he’s evaluating you for a long term prospect. Meeting your family is a good sign that he’s ready to take you as a wife soon.

5. He talks about the future with you:

He’s talking about the future with you because he’s ready to get married and start a family. Because he wants to live the rest of his life with you makes him plan the future with you and takes your contributions serious. Yes, he wants to marry you but wants to have the thought of knowing that both of you are match perfectly.

6. He asks if you want to have his children in the future:

Seems like he wants to marry you soon. Enjoy your feelings and good luck with your life. You’re lucky because it’s really touching and sweet of him to think and see himself in the future with you included in it. Good luck.

7. His friends are married:

If most of his friends are married already, he would keep telling you that he wants to get married soon. But if all his friends are not married, he will not want to settle down with you because he might be thinking his friends will make fun of him and not talk to him anymore. If his friends are married and he is still a bachelor, he’s going to start feeling uncomfortable hanging out with them. Even his friends that are married would minimize contact with him because they might think mingling with a friend that is still single a lot could jeopardize their marriage. Because of these reasons he’ll wants to settle down with someone too. But if people he hangs out with are exclusively made of bachelors, he’ll definitely has no plan to join the league of married couples soon.

8. He tells you about his goals and plans:

He doesn’t count you out of his goals and plans in life. He talks about his future goals and plans with you, and he allows you to have a say in all his future plans. He respects your wishes a lot and doesn’t make any crucial decisions concerning his own life without hearing your views and having a conversation with you. He also discusses about his work with you.

9. He invites you to his family and social events:

If he doesn't invite you to any events that include him, especially his birthday or his family social events like graduation and wedding anniversary, it is obvious that your boyfriend does not want you in his personal/family life. If he cares and has plan settling down with you, honestly he would invite you to these important social events and makes you feel welcomed always. No man that loves you and really wants to marry you is going to do everything without you.

10. He wants you to meet his best friends:

It is a good thing that he wants to introduce you to his friends. It’s a sure sign that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you and he’s not ashamed of having a relationship with you. When a guy starts introducing you and bringing you around his friends and family it means the relationship is going well. Now that he feels comfortable enough around you and wants to show you off a bit seems like he’s going to marry you soon. Count yourself lucky that he is including you in his life. Just be who you are. You can learn a lot from the company he keeps.

Source: By kelseyannvere  via
Source: By kelseyannvere via

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