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How to Make Him Fall More in Love with You

Updated on September 23, 2016

Looking at the today's situations and fast paced world, it has become quite difficult to make one's relationship fight against the race of time and become long-lasting. There is no doubt that the spark, that a new relationship has, is nowhere to be seen when the relationship gets older.

It is still not impossible to maintain that constant feeling only and only if the couple strongly wants to be with each other.

Here are some points or I must say advice, especially for women to make the relationship stronger and more loving:

A healthy relationship is the one that has no intention of dragging you down, but indeed it inspires you to become a much better person...

#1 When You Make Up After A Fight

A huge fight can make it seem like the relationship is on thin ice, but in reality it can create a strong bond if you manage to pull through to the other side. This is because after getting over a big fight and making up, you feel stronger as a couple, almost as if nothing can stop you two from being together.

#1 When You Make Up After A Fight
#1 When You Make Up After A Fight | Source

#2 When He Watches You While You Sleep

Sometimes guys wake up and just stare at their girlfriends while they sleep, but they're never aware of it. This is one of those moments where guys realize how much they love their partners, and how lucky they really are.

#2 When He Watches You While You Sleep
#2 When He Watches You While You Sleep

#3 When You Laugh Together

Being able to laugh together is a great sign, and it can reinforce the feeling that both of you are deeply in love with one another. It's a simple act, but laughter can be very useful for creating a strong bond in couples.

#3 When You Laugh Together
#3 When You Laugh Together | Source

#4 When He Makes You Orgasm, Hard

The orgasm is one of the oldest and strongest ways that we create a strong bond with our partners. It is nature's gift, but it is also nature's way of making sure that couples stay together long enough to form a stable relationship and create offspring.

#4 When He Makes You Orgasm, Hard
#4 When He Makes You Orgasm, Hard | Source

#5 When You Spend A Perfect Day Together

Getting outside and spending a whole day together can be a really strengthening experience when it comes to relationships. Knowing that you can have fun in each other's company goes a long way to creating an idea that you two might be able to spend the rest of your life together.

#5 When You Spend A Perfect Day Together
#5 When You Spend A Perfect Day Together | Source

#6 When You Give Back One Of His Sweatshirts

Girls are always borrowing their boyfriend's clothes. Why? It's hard to tell, but it probably has something to do with the fact that the girl wants something to remind herself of her guy, and maybe even smell it from time to time. But one of the biggest ways to make sure your guy falls in love with you is make sure that you return his stuff. It's a cute little gesture that will really solidify his love for you.

#6 When You Give Back One Of His Sweatshirts
#6 When You Give Back One Of His Sweatshirts | Source

#7 You're There For Him When He's Feeling Low

Most guys act like they're indestructible, but the truth is they feel blue from time to time just like girls. It makes a huge difference when a girl is able to recognize that her guy is feeling down. It is even more essential, however, that the girl goes out of her way to make her guy feel better about the situation. This is one sure way to make him fall even deeper in love with you.

#7 You're There For Him When He's Feeling Low
#7 You're There For Him When He's Feeling Low | Source

It is always better to say "SORRY" and save a relationship, instead of showing "EGO" and kill that relationship ...

How to Be an Adult in Relationships: The Five Keys to Mindful Loving by David Richo

The book focuses on the ways to make a relationship more meaningful and long-lasting. It deals with the psychology of the people, who are in a relationship. The points that are talked about in the book are taken from the Buddhist concept of mindfulness.

It talks about 5As, which are Attention, Acceptance, Appreciation, Affection and Allowing. According to the author David Richo, if all these five key points are deeply applied by the couple, then their relationship will blossom into a mature and unbreakable bond.

To know how to apply these points and get some more understanding on the same, do read this book.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 10 months ago

      Anytime someone feels their mate isn't "in love" with them enough it usually means they feel their mate is the one not showing them the love (they) want!

      Sometimes it means they're insecure about the relationship.

      Everyone has their own idea of what love is suppose to look like or feel like. We all have our own litmus tests: "If you loved me you would...etc"

      The real question is: "What does it take for YOU to feel loved?"

      If he/she is not treating you {that way} then (you) won't feel loved.

      Nevertheless it doesn't mean he/she doesn't love you!

      A woman who wishes her man served her breakfast in bed, remembered their anniversary, or planned weekend getaways and other romantic gestures may (feel) unloved. However if an intruder broke in and her husband risked his life to protect her: Can she really say he doesn't love her?

      In order to (feel loved) one has to mate with someone who "naturally" loves them (the way they want) to be loved!

      Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated for who (they) are.

      If you have to do something or be something that is not naturally you get someone to love you then he or she is not "the one" for you!

      It's almost a cliché to hear someone say:

      "She/he is not the same person I fell in love with."

      Eventually we all revert back to our "authentic selves".

      Be yourself and let the chips fall where they may.