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11 Incredible Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Updated on March 12, 2017

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

When you know your girlfriend's needs, you can make her happy
When you know your girlfriend's needs, you can make her happy | Source

Make Your Girlfriend Happy

One of the reasons why we enter into relationships is to be happy, and to make our partner also happy. Therefore it is the responsibility of any man who is dating to try and make his girlfriend happy.

You should ask yourself regularly, ‘‘How can I make my girlfriend happy daily? What can I do to make my girlfriend happy and satisfied?’’

Below, I want to give you tips as to some cute things you can do to make your girlfriend happy.

A Woman's Needs

First of all, you must know a woman’s needs if you are going to be able to make her happy and satisfy her. Knowing her needs, you can meet those needs and make her happy.

A woman needs care, understanding, respect, devotion, and reassurance.


Some women need to be taken care of emotionally, financially and also to be directed in life. That is your responsibility as a man to do. You will have to encourage her when she is down, speak words of motivation and comfort to her at times when she is discouraged, and lift her spirits when she is going through suffering or emotional turmoil.

Have conversations to make your girlfriend happy by just talking about silly things, like for example how awfully she laughs, or how terrible you are as a cook. Do it in a playful way, with humor, and she will enjoy it.


You must seek to understand your woman. Make a conscious effort to avoid the things that make her unhappy and that trouble her peace of mind. Listen to her concerns. Listen to her advice (that is if it is good). Be considerate of her feelings. Take valuable lessons from her suggestions.

When your girlfriend knows you value her suggestions, and you do not treat her concerns with contempt, she will be happy.


There are too many men in this world who think that men are superior to women and so women should be treated as slaves, door mats, or objects to be used just to satisfy men. God created women too in His image. Yes, they may be weaker physically, but they are not necessarily inferior. A man should understand this and treat his woman with respect. It is not an easy thing to carry a baby for nine months!

When your girlfriend knows and feels you do not see her as an inferior partner in the relationship, when she knows she is an equal partner, she will have self-dignity and self-respect, and that will make her happy.

Complimenting someone shows you respect that person and value them. Pay your girlfriend compliments to make your girlfriend happy. Say words to make your girlfriend feel happy. Compliment her on the way she dresses, her eyes, her intelligence, her beautiful smile, her great cooking skills, and any other thing you can use to make her feel good about herself. If you can compliment her every day, you will make your girlfriend extremely happy every day.

Take Stock Regularly

There is an African proverb which says that, ‘‘He who is clearing the path to the farm does not know whether the portion of the path behind him is crooked or straight.” In other words, when you are doing something, it is essential that you ask other people whether you are on the right track or not.

You can apply this principle to your relationship by doing regular stock taking. From time to time, sit down with your girlfriend. Take out pens and pieces of paper. Let your girlfriend write down the things she does not like about you, and about the relationship. Then let her write another list of things she likes about you, and the things you can do to make your relationship better. Take her list, look at it, and discuss the issues she raises thoroughly. Store all those points on your cell phone or your computer. Every morning when you wake up, take a look at what your girlfriend thinks will make her happy in the relationship. Keep those things in your mind and concentrate on those positive things. Show a willingness to work on the things she mentioned by making efforts to do them. If for example she wants you to spend more time with her, strangle some other commitments so that you can make more time for her.

When your girlfriend sees you are genuinely interested in doing the things that will make her happy, it will make her emotionally happy and she will be happy with you, and feel comfortable in the relationship, increasing the chances that the relationship will last.

Be Faithful to Her

If you were to ask your girlfriend this question, ‘‘Sweetie, do you trust me?” what answer will she give you? Will she tell you she trusts you? Or will she shake her head in dismay? Are you really worthy of her trust? Do you know that she is the only girl you are seeing at the moment? Do you enjoy being with her more than with any other girl?

In today’s world of loose morals when it is very difficult to stick to one person, your girlfriend will be happy with you if you are able to maintain your affection for only her, and do not look at any other girl. When you are able to stick to your girlfriend, you will have a beautiful relationship, and you will make her eternally happy. When she knows she has you all to herself, when she knows she does not have to share you with another girl, you will make your girlfriend feel happy and fulfilled in the relationship for that is what every girl wants.

Therefore, beware of circumstances where you sense you are no longer admiring only your girlfriend, because you will lose her trust and make her unhappy, ultimately destroying your relationship, or driving her to cheat.

Exhibit Genuine Love for your Girlfriend

A way to make your girlfriend happy is to exhibit genuine love for her. There is something very lovely about love when it is genuine. Genuine love exhibits these qualities:

  • The partner who exhibits genuine love will know his or her partner in all his or her weakness and yet still choose to cherish him or her. For example, a boyfriend will know of his girlfriend’s impulsiveness; he will know of his girlfriend’s instability; he will know that his girlfriend has a habit of speaking with her heart before she has thought it with her head. He may know well the strength of his girlfriend’s loyalty and the weakness of her resolution, and yet decide to stick with her. He will point out her flaws to her in a loving manner, they will both discuss ways she can overcome her weaknesses, and they will both resolve to improve their behaviors.

Continue to love your girlfriend despite her flaws. Do your best to help her improve, and your girlfriend will thank you for it and be happy forever, knowing someone cares about her and wants to help her improve her behavior.

  • Sometimes people hurt us, or fail us, or wound us, or disappoint us. If we would only understand that when people act like that, it is not the real person who is acting. The real person is not the person who wounds us or fails us; the real person is the person who loves us. The basic thing is not their failure; the basic thing is their love. . It will save you many heartbreaks if you remember the basic love and forgive the moment’s failure.

Learn to forgive your girlfriend and give her a second chance when she messes up, or hurts you. Peter, in the Bible, denied Jesus three times. Jesus gave him the opportunity to affirm his love for Him (Jesus) three times. Exhibit this sort of love and your girlfriend will be happy. There is joy in forgiveness. When you forgive her, it will make her do her best not to repeat those same mistakes again.

  • Genuine love sees not only what a person is, but also what he or she can become. A boyfriend can see what he can make of his girlfriend with his encouragement and support. He can see what he can make of his girlfriend, with his sweet words of comfort and inspiration.

When you are able to motivate her so that she can give out her best and realize her full potential in life, she will be happy with you for believing in her and helping her develop herself. Your girlfriend will feel happy about herself, and is more likely to be a better lover.

Take an Interest in Her

One thing you can do to make your girlfriend happy is to take an active interest in the issues going on in her life, and to give her a listening ear when she wants to tell you things such as problems she is having in class or at the office. When she visits you, don’t talk about your problems only and how hard life is for you. Don’t say something like, “Don’t bother me with your problems. Do you know what I am going through? If you knew, you would not bother me with your petty, petty problems.” If you want her to be happy, you will give her an open ear and listen, even if you are facing tough challenges yourself.

Help Her to Solve Her Problems

Do not find convenient excuses to make you refuse to help her when she gets into trouble. Do what you can when she is in trouble and she will be happy she is your girlfriend. For example, if she is having problems with a subject at school, try to connect her with some of your friends who may be very good in that subject so they can help her. If she is having issues at work, speak motivational words to her to soothe her soul and make her feel that it is not over.

When she comes to you with a big problem and she is terribly worried, try to make her see she is overreacting, because when a woman overreacts, she sees a problem as being far bigger than it actually is, which can lead her to develop depression. Helping her to see the problem is not as big as she thinks will make her believe that there is a way out of the issue, and she will not worry too much, which will increase the chances that she is more likely to be happy.

Listen to Her

If you want to make your girlfriend happy, you must listen to her with rapt attention when you are having conversations.

When she is talking to you, give her one hundred percent attention. Do not fidget with your phone as she talks to you, or browse the internet whilst she is speaking to you. Stop whatever you are engaged in, look into her face, and pay attention to what she is saying to you. Show you are interested in what she is saying by nodding your head, or making comments. Let her feel engaged, that you are concerned about what she is saying to you, and that you are happy she is in your presence.

Be Worthy of Trust

You must make your girlfriend feel she can trust you. When you are trustworthy, she will have peace of mind, and this will make her happy.

What can you do to be worthy of trust?

  1. Be reliable. Keep the promises you make to her. If you think you cannot keep a promise, do not make it in the first place.
  2. Do your best to be honest. Be an “open book” before her.
  3. Show compassion and care to her. Let her feel your humanness. It will make her more willing to trust you.
  4. Keep secrets she tells you. Let her feel information she gives you is safe with you, and that it will not reach a third party.

Don't Abuse Her

Never try to degrade your girlfriend before other people. When you humiliate her in front of others, it will hurt and dampen her spirit.

Also, do not threaten her or hit her when she provokes you, or annoys you. Talk about disagreements. If you cannot resolve issues, then learn to cope with the situation, or get people to talk to her. But, never assault her , or abuse her verbally.


Strive to make your girlfriend happy, if you cherish the relationship with her. You will be the ultimate beneficiary when she is happy, because she will reciprocate the efforts you make to give her happiness and do her best to also make you happy, ensuring your relationship gets stronger.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

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