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How to Make Your Man Love You More

Updated on August 28, 2014

Relationship with Your Man

Men love to spoil their women as if they were princesses, and we love the attention we get. But men also want to be spoiled every now and then. So how do we dote on our men in shining armor?

There are little things we can do to make sure they feel extra loved. But first, you have to look at the dynamic of your relationship, and by dynamic, it refers to the roles the two of you play.

Once you’ve pinpointed your role, you can now work on showing affection for your man based on these little tips.

Are You:

Homemaker – You are the queen of the household. You are in charge of keeping the house spic and span and you deal with the bills, groceries, and kitchen duties—basically all household matters. You handle everything that deals with your domestic life and he’s the one busy at work.

Provider – Mama brings home the bacon! If you are the one earning big bucks to sustain your lifestyle together, then you are the provider. This is a role reversal where the man is the housekeeper and is the one who deals with domestic matters.

Equal Couple – This is the ultimate balancing act. Both of you bring home the bacon and cook it too. You deal with the finances that need to be earned and the house duties that need to be done. The two of you share the responsibilities in all aspects of your life.

For Homemakers

You know that your man has had a grueling day at work. When they get home, all they want to do is relax. You’ve slaved the whole day too in your house duties. But even if you’re tired, you still have to make sure he comes home to a warm house and a hot meal. It’s a simple gesture to do, but it makes your man feel taken cared for. He will appreciate the special dinner you’ve prepared for him and his tiredness will be washed away.

  • While he’s enjoying his dinner, you can tell him that he has been in your mind the whole day. Whisper sweet nothings in his ear and he will feel wanted by you. Your affectionate and sweet words will drive him crazy. Throw in a few neck massages while you’re at it, to make him feel relaxed. Completely pamper him and shower him with affection.
  • Another thing that you can do to dote on your man after a hard day’s work is to prepare a romantic in-house date night. You can pop in a fun chick flick and cozy up at the couch so he will loosen up and ease all the tension in his body. You can go ahead and pop open a bottle of red and get a bowl of popcorn to complete the date.
  • Also, do not underestimate the power of mood setting. You can ease up your man by having soft jazz music or love songs playing in the background. You can also dim down the lights and light up a few scented candles to have a relaxing atmosphere as you pamper him.
  • Lastly, since you are the homebody, you can surprise him by sticking random love notes all over your house for him while he’s out for work. There are so many romantic love quotes for him that you can find online. You can post sticky notes on the bathroom mirror or on his morning coffee mug. He will appreciate your sweet messages and it will let him feel appreciated and loved.

For Providers

If you are the Provider, you’re the one who is exhausted at the end of each day and all you want to do is faint on your bed. You want to be the one being pampered by your man, but don’t expect him to serve you every time you come home. He will feel like he’s not appreciated enough. Make sure you return the favor. It’s harder to attend to his needs if you’re always busy, so it’s important that you really make time once in a while for him.

  • Have a special dinner date. One of the simple things you can do is that you can call him up so he won’t cook dinner, and get take out from one of his ultimate favorite restaurants. Get the meal he likes and bring it home for a dinner date at home. He will appreciate the fact that you did not want him to slave away in the kitchen and the fact that you got him his favorite.
  • Another gesture you can make to make him feel loved is as simple as sending him a sweet and romantic messages in the middle of the day. You can send him a sweet text messages or email to remind him that he is in your thoughts even at work. You can even go ahead and give him a call to just have a quick chat. You can tell him you have a surprise for him when you come home. (But of course, plan the surprise before telling him that.) You can think of something that he likes and surprise him with it. Get creative!
  • Since he is the homebody, you can ask him to meet you outside for a date night. You can go to a restaurant he likes or to the movie house or anything! Just show him that you want to spend time with him and show him off to the world.
  • A great way to let him know that you really do make time for him despite your busy schedule is by inviting him for a lunch out. Instead of having lunch with your co-workers, why not eat with your man? Schedule to eat in a place near where you work and meet up with him. He’ll love the fact that you actually tried to squeeze him in your day.

For Equal Couples

If you are in a relationship where you have an equal couple dynamic, the usual scenario is that both of you are dead tired at the end of each day. Lifting a finger can seem such gruesome work already. But as mentioned, it is very important to always find time for your special one.

  • If the two of you work near each other, why not save on gas and walk home together? This is a great way for the two of you to catch up on each other’s day and spend some quality time together. If you’re far, you can decide to meet on a bus stop or any station for your commute home. This is a great way to make good use of time. Instead of wasting it alone, make it a couple thing.
  • Since the two of you slaved away in the office and also in domestic matters, try to loosen up by having fun. Whip out your favorite game boards or video games and have a fun and quirky game night with your man. It is a great way for the two of you to relax and enjoy each other’s company. The stresses of the real world will definitely be washed away.
  • You can also try and get off of your work early and wait on him at his office. He will be surprised to see you waiting at the end of his workday. It will show him that you support him at his job and that you actually took the effort to visit him at work.
  • In this dynamic, both of you are equally pre-occupied so it is really important for the two of you to make time for each other. One of the best ways is to eat dinner together and it is important you do it on your dining table. This will remove other distractions and allow the two of you to just concentrate on each other. You can cook a nice meal or get take out from his favorite restaurant. He will surely appreciate the gesture and will enjoy the romantic meal.
  • Lastly, since you are a couple of busy bees, try and schedule a vacation leave together. Have a day off from work and have a pleasant day of rest and relaxation together. It will recharge your bodies and your hearts as well, as you spend more moments with one another. You can go to a recreational spa or even just stay in and cuddle in bed! Do whatever you want that you feel will relax the both of you and enjoy the moment of togetherness.

Top Rule: Appreciate Your Man


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