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How to Make a Living as a Gold Digger

Updated on December 20, 2017
Stacie L profile image

Stacie L has been an educator for many years and likes to share her experiences and advice.

Easy street

The termgolddigger” refers to a woman who is only interested in a man who has money and material goods to give her. She is digging for her pot of gold, one man at a time. There are males that practice this as well.

Other synonyms are blood sucker, leech, parasite, user and sponge. They certainly are opportunistic in their quest to be taken care of. Many woman who practice this lifestyle usually don't have the ways and means to support themselves, or don't wish to, and learned how to use their good looks to get what they want.

Who is she

It may have started when she was a pre-teen and an older man gave them compliments and gifts. She learned how to get what she wanted and needed this way.

Any teenage girl who blossoms early, will catch the attention of many teenage boys and men. If she didn't have any good female role models in her life or all she sees are television teen vixens, then she may develop the idea that her body is her only asset. With her sexuality and looks she thinks can get out of her depressed little hometown or apartment into a rich man's mansion. At least that's her plan. After all, any man would be grateful to have her on his arm or in his Porsche.

Working it

Not all of these young women will find a millionaire to milk, and may need to start off with a gullible guy who has a good job, his own place and a newer car. If he is willing to buy her things and give her a credit card, then he'll do nicely. Other women start out going to bars and clubs to sleep with any willing participant who spends some time and money on them.

If he isn't careful he may be on the hook for eighteen years of child support as well. There are many women who use men to support them when they become pregnant with their baby. In depressed areas women make their living creating babies and getting child support. They poor guy may have spent one night with her but now has to pay monthly for a long time.

Moving on up

There are many hard working guys who made their business successful or have a career in triple digit income bracket. Amassing their money, homes, cars and possessions brings on enormous pride and bragging rights to his friends and competitors. A good looking woman on his arm is another trophy to show off. If a gold digger is clever, she can gain some serious goodies from this man.

The best way to determine a man's worth is the ask questions about his car, job, zip code and leisure activities. If he answers that he has a new or newer car, then that's a point. If it's a foreign one like a Porsche, Bentley or Mercedes, that's another one. High paying jobs like a stockbroker, any medical physicians such as anesthesiologist or surgeon, computer software developer or programer, will spell money. Some woman who are looking for gold are also looking for fame as well. Dating a famous rich rapper, actor, band lead singer, or celebrity will help her attain her goals as a celebrity herself.

These leeches weed out those who may be an artist, writer, medical assistant, lawn care provider or other low paying careers. He'll never give her the things she wants.

The zip code is the best indicator of whether he is worthy of her efforts. Professional users have a list of acceptable zips and carries it with them in her purse.

Leisure activities such as yacht racing, hot air balloon tours, golfing, or going to Las Vegas for the weekend will lead an ambitious girl to the high roller.

Bowling leagues, dirt bike racing, river rafting and riding bikes is not going to lead to the golden goose.

Millionaire men most likely hire paid escorts or high end call girls when out of town. The gold digger is one step away from a call girl or paid prostitute. Some may say she IS a prostitute since she trades her time and body for material things.

Professional training

There are some dating websites geared just for those with assets looking for someone who wants them (and their money).

It seems to satisfy both parties and it's all legit. This makes it a lot easier for that special gal to find her Prince Charming or sugar daddy. They are,,, and to name a few.

I have read about some professional gold diggers,( if that's a real job), that guide others into this lucrative lifestyle.

Professional calling

Some woman have written books to help others by providing steps to get what they want from a man. Knowing where to meet successful men, how to get their attention, what to wear and how to manipulate them.

Of course, many millionaires know the game and give their expensive gifts to the right woman willingly. After all, they view them as a necessity to their ego and image. Powerful men have been calling the shots since the beginning of time and woman have had to wait on the sidelines for some crumbs. Knowing how to “play a man” is just like a job to them.

As a gold digger becomes more proficient, she can amass her own wealth through dating many rich men. Each one leaves her with a memento of their affections. A new car, a condo on the beach, furs, jewels and a nice bank account.

She is in essence, a “call girl” as she is on call whenever he comes to town. People have referred to this arrangement as being a “kept woman.” This is nothing new but women having some control over the game is.

She doesn't worry about the morality of it or her reputation. Survival is the goal and those with money are the targets. It's war out there and there are some with money and those who want it. I guess there's someone for everyone.

© 2011 Stacie L


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