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Dating Tips 101: How to Make her Smile

Updated on January 22, 2013

Every man knows that a romantic evening filled with surprises will make a woman happy; however you don't always have to spend the whole day planning, just to see her beautiful smile. Small gestures and gifts can also do the work and make her smile.

It's easy to see her beautiful smile every day, as long as you know how to make her happy
It's easy to see her beautiful smile every day, as long as you know how to make her happy

1 - Tell her a Joke

it may sound as a stupid idea, but it actually works. It is a neat way to make her smile. Don't tell her a dirty joke, to make her feel uncomfortable, but rather go for the old-style stupid jokes. You can find a lot of them on the internet, and you probably know a few yourself too, so choose some of the best ones you have and go for it. It will make her smile because she loves your foolish side, as well. Joke around, tell her a nasty gossip for some of your friends, that she's not keen on and hear her beautiful laugh.

2 - Be a Gentleman

The next time you are in public, show her that you are a true gentleman and that you don't lack courtesy. Open a door for her, pull her a chair to sit, while saying "Your chair, milady". Even these small things are a sure way to make her smile.

3 - Leave her a Voice Mail During the Night

While she sleeps leave a voice message on her cellphone. When she's awake and hears your beautiful words, you'll have completed your task to make her smile. Make sure to record a delightful short message and don't forget to wish her a nice day at work/school/etc. She will think of you the whole day, and you'll certainly be seeing her smile the next time you see each other.

4 - Leave her a Love Note to Make Her Smile

t is the same as the voice mail; however with the love notes you can be more creative. If you are living together, make sure to put sincere love notes (as simple as 'I love you') in places you know she will find them - in her purse, the pocket of her jacket or even in her car. It is a nice way to make her smile, and she will be thinking of you when she finds the note no matter where she is.

A simple compliment can make her happier
A simple compliment can make her happier

5 - Tell her that she's Beautiful

Be more spontaneous with your words and you will see how fast you will make her smile. Tell her that she's beautiful without a reason. But be sure that you are genuinely being romantic. Don't say things like "you're hot" or "you're sexy" as they might not do the trick. Be sure to look her romantically in the eyes, while holding her hand, for example, kiss her hand and simply say "you are beautiful" To make her smile is as easy as that.

6 - Remember your Anniversaries

And make sure she knows you've remembered. And we are not talking about your main anniversary. If you want to make her smile, think about the small moments that she forgot, for example, the first time you kissed, the first time you met, even go as far as reminding her the first time you texted each other or called each other. You will see how easy it is to make her smile, by just showing her that you remember, and you care. Think about the dress she wore on your first date, the atmosphere, and talk about that. You will surely make her smile.

7 - Make her more Compliments

Women and girls are always doing a lot of things to look more attractive, and most of the time we men don't notice. Well, if you want to make her smile, you'd have to be more observant. Notice the new nail polish she used or the hair clip she put in her hair. It is a charming and easy way to make her smile, because as you notice the small changes in her appearance you show that you care about her.

A small but sincere gift can do wonders
A small but sincere gift can do wonders

8 - Be Creative

Make her more romantic surprises. Women love that. It is not said that to make her smile you have to spend a lot of money, you just have to be creative and make her small gifts when she least expects. However, don't be repetitive. For example if you are always bringing her flowers on your dates, or candy, it won't have the same effect every time. Think about her interests, what she likes and what she hates and think of something individual. A gift that only she will find as romantic and surprising. It is a sure way to make her smile.

Use your mind and you will see how easy it truly is to make her smile. By making sincere gestures and gifts, you will sure be making your loved one happy, and you will be able to see the effects of your efforts by looking at her smile wherever you are.


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    • Stina Caxe profile image

      Cristina 5 years ago from Virginia

      These are all great tips. I know I am happiest in a relationship when I know my man is thinking about me and trying to make me happy. I don't really think that is as selfish of me as it sounds, I do give back and am always trying to make my boyfriend feel loved and spoiled. I just feel like i deserve the same because I am wonderful and special and awesome too! :)