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How to Make her say "YES" to your proposal

Updated on March 24, 2010

Four Special Words "Will you marry me ?"

After the long years of being in a steady relationship, you are now ready to settle for good. This is probably the right decision to make in order for you to not to lose that special someone. Remember, your girlfriend will not stay with you forever unless she knows that she will eventually be upgraded to a wife. The most awaited question that she would want to hear from you consists of four special words which are “Will you marry me?”. There are numerous ways to say that. Like the three shown below :-)

Will you marry me ?

Go take her out and Say those four words at some remote silent place
Go take her out and Say those four words at some remote silent place
Say that in Public and prove that you can say that in front of whole world
Say that in Public and prove that you can say that in front of whole world
Go to her home and stick the bill in front of her door.
Go to her home and stick the bill in front of her door.

Proposing your Girl Friend

Explore what's on her mind

Now, it can be assumed that since she has been your girlfriend for the last few years, that her reply would be a “yes”. However, it has been known that a number of marriage proposals had turned out sour for the guy proposing because the girl said “no”. One example of this is a clip from an episode of E!’s Wildest Marriage Proposals where the guy got an embarrassing walk-out as he proposed to his girlfriend during the halftime of a basketball game watched by thousands of live fans and probably millions of television audience. Poor guy, but let us not immediately assume that the girlfriend does not love him enough. There could have been a number of factors that caused that embarrassing rejection. The girl could have been placed on the spot and was overwhelmed as well as embarrassed that the only thing left to do was to walk out. Maybe the girl was still not ready to settle down. Maybe, just maybe, the girl was shallow and saw that the diamond engagement ring offered to her was not to her liking

Choose the best timing, the best venue, and the ultimate proposal gift

The guy apparently hadn’t thought a lot about the proposal. He could have gotten a definite “Yes” if he chose the best timing, the best venue, and the ultimate Engagement Ring for the proposal. Well, this article will not dwell on how to choose the best timing and venue for the proposal but will give advice on how to choose the best engagement ring for the job. So if you are planning to propose to your girlfriend in the not too distant future, then this article will help you get the “Yes”.

Engagement Ring

So how to Choose the best Ring ?


First and foremost, the most important decision to make in choosing an engagement ring is the type of stone that adorns it. Most Engagement Ring should be studded with real diamonds. Diamonds symbolize true and eternal love. No other crystal or gemstone will ever be accepted as a replacement. The expensiveness of a real diamond engagement ring will immediately show your girlfriend that you are indeed sincere with your proposal and that you have thought about it, and even saved for it, for a long time.

The next thing to consider is the style of the ring. The answer to this will depend on her lifestyle. If your girlfriend is the active outdoorsy type and prefers to wear casuals rather than being dressed-up, then the best engagement ring to give her would be the simple one-piece Diamond Engagement Ring. On the other hand, if your girlfriend is the corporate type that dresses formally and attends a lot of affairs wherein she needs to dress-up, then the best engagement ring for her would be the more elegant looking ones which are adorned with numerous diamonds. Choosing the right ring style for your girlfriend will show her that you are aware of what she does and how she lives her life. This will add more to your chances of getting the “Yes” that you are hoping for.

The third thing to consider is the size of the diamond. The larger the size of the diamond will tell her how much you love her and how big your wallet size is. So if you want to assure her of your financial stability (which will definitely help in obtaining that “Yes”) then choose a larger stone for single-piece Diamond Rings.

Another thing to consider is her ring size. This can be most tricky since you don’t want to ruin the surprise of the proposal by asking it directly from her. A marriage proposal is best played out with the element of surprise. Because of this, it is important to get to know her friends better since it is through them that you can know what her finger size is. One thing that your girlfriend will get annoyed about is accepting the proposal then finding out that the beautiful and elegant engagement ring that you offered her does not fit her fingers perfectly (I would bet that she will assume that the ring was meant for somebody else).

4C’s in choosing an engagement ring


It is also important to consider the 4C’s in choosing an engagement ring. These stand for cut, color, clarity, and carat. The cut is the property of loose diamonds which is responsible for their brilliance. The color of a diamond is important because it affects the ability of the gemstone to reflect light. The best diamonds for engagement rings are the colorless one. The clarity of the diamond would determine the flawlessness of the gem. The final C, which is the carat, determines the weight of the diamond. For women, it is the carat that speaks of a loose diamond’s or an engagement ring’s quality because it is through the diamond’s carat that the price of the ring is based upon.

The final thing to consider is where to shop for an engagement ring and how much it will cost. Normally, you could go to the jewellery shop to choose the ring so that you could consult your choice with an in-house jeweller. However, there are certain hassles in going personally to a jewellery shop such as traffic, crowded shops, and customers arguing about the last ring. There are even a change of encountering muggers and pickpockets as you come out with the ring.

Good thing that there are alternative ways of buying an engagement ring without leaving the comfort of your home or office to do so. You can now shop for your ring or even loose diamonds online. Online shopping for diamonds have now become as easy as shopping for groceries. Diamond websites also have expert jewellers which are available online to help you in choosing the best for the “Yes” that you deserve.

The Best Gift

What is the best gift to propose a Girl ?

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      4 years ago

      It is also possible that Zynga's chosen advertising dadkfggecdce

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      engagement rings design your own 

      7 years ago

      Nice hub. It's true! He slipped the engagement ring into her shot glass and as they toasted to his speech, she swallowed it! Now, she survived, but they did need a trip to the emergency room.

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      Fabric Samples 

      8 years ago

      Looks great ! Good Job ;-)

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      Free Printables 

      9 years ago

      Nice hub and information about seducing someone hehe. Get some free printables images from our website at . Enjoy

    • britneydavidson profile image


      9 years ago from united kingdom

      wow that's really great....i would love if someone come to me and proposed like this way...will surely say yes....really lovely....i will be so glad if become your friend.


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