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How to Make the Perfect First Impression on His Parents

Updated on January 23, 2019
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In every relationship comes a point where things start to get serious. You begin to plan your future together, fantasize about your wedding day and start thinking about taking major steps towards all of that. It all might seem so exciting but there's one thing every girl always dreads; meeting his parents for the very first time. Just the thought of the making the perfect first impression can drive any girl mad, after all for some people the first impression is the last impression.

You can lose sleep for several nights before the big day, planning and stressing over the tiniest details whether it's how you should look, what to wear and what to talk about. Not to worry though! Here is a complete guide to help you make the perfect first impression on his parents.

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How to Dress

When making a first impression, your wardrobe is the most important thing. It is the first thing that catches the eye and can cause a person to draw an instant judgement about you so make sure you give enough attention to this part.

When picking out a dress you need to focus on the following things in particular:

  • Colour: What you wear should not only be a colour you feel confident in but also something that appeals to the eye. It is best to wear toned down and pastel colours. Colours like Blue, Red, Purple, Pink and Yellow are a great option while colours like Orange should be avoided.
  • Style: When picking out a dress make sure it is not too revealing nor is it too conservative. Also, make sure your dress goes well with the occasion as you would not want to end up wearing jeans and a sweatshirt to a fancy dinner.
  • Shoes: The shoe you choose can make or break your look. Depending on your dress opt for a comfortable yet stylish shoe. For example, a pair of cute ballet shoes or an elegant heel to go with your dress. Your shoe depends on how formal the occasion is. It would be best to not show up in heels on a picnic.

Hair and Makeup

When you're trying to make a good first impression it is best to show your most natural side possible. Instead of caking on layers and layers of makeup, it is best to go for a more natural makeup look. Here are some tips to achieve the perfect natural look:

  • Avoid full coverage foundation, opt for either a lightweight BB cream or a concealer to hide any imperfections. Make sure your natural skin peaks through
  • Go easy on the contouring, instead, bronze your cheeks lightly to give a warm glow as well as dimension
  • Use a blush that matches your lip colour, this will give you a more natural and youthful look
  • Use liquid highlight for a glowy and dewy look.
  • Instead of applying eyeliner, tighline your eyes to give your eyes some definition
  • Use lengthening mascara instead of falsies
  • If it is a casual event like a picnic, go for a lip colour that matches your natural lip colour, however, if it is a more formal event, a classy red never hurt anybody.

Your hair should complement your look. If you are going to a formal event and plan on wearing a dress, you can always opt for elegant curls or a classy updo. However, if it is a casual event you can either leave it natural, tie it up in a braid or do a half up half down hairstyle.

Etiquettes are Essential

When you wish that someone makes a good judgement about you, it is essential that you adopt good etiquette. The following etiquettes can lead to a great first impression:

  • Be polite
  • Do not speak with a mouth full
  • Do not overfill your plate and your glass
  • Adopt table manners
  • Cut food into pieces rather than biting into it



The way you talk can give away what kind of a person you are, your thoughts and opinions and even your family background to some extent. When you are speaking to the parents, keep the following things in mind:

  • Talk in a soft yet audible manner, your tone should not seem too harsh or it will lead to the impression that you are rude.
  • Avoid talking about controversial topics such as religion and politics, if your opinions differ in this matter, your entire impression will be shattered.
  • Talk about things they have interest in, you can ask your partner beforehand so you have an idea what to talk about
  • Listen to them intently when they are speaking



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