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How to Manage People - Learn What You are Lacking!

Updated on August 7, 2017
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Imran is an anthropologist who coaches people in self improvement. He excels in communication.

Hello Manager

To manage people, you should know how to play. What I intend to say is you must be authoritative. Lacking authority determines first you need to learn how to lead. When you manage people by commanding, you are a good manager. When I said you must know how to play, it doesn't imply you be mean and forceful. You can't manage anyone that way. Do not forget! When controlling a person, there are two important points you must never lack. 1) You should get your work done. 2) keep individuals (whom you are managing) happy. Doing so will keep your bond with everyone healthy and respectful. Otherwise, people won't like you.
As all know liking is not forced but earned, through this article, I will give tips how to manage people.


How to Know How Successfully You Manage?

If you want to command efficiently, observe how your family, friends, colleagues, subordinates, juniors, and others handle your instructions.

Family too? You heard it right.

If you can't convince your family members, you clearly lack skills to manage people.

Family can be the toughest to convince.

Getting along nicely with them means you are good at gelling-well with people.

After instructing, if you find your associates haven't implemented suggestions as you had told, or have taken you casually, learn what you are lacking.

While learning, ask yourself the below question.
Is it you or the task/advice that the other person(s) doesn't like?
If it's the work, you know where the problem lies.
All you need to do is be assertive and get it done. Psyche up realization in the guy(s) to whom the job is entrusted.
Give a clear picture. Which is - the sooner he/ she does the duty, the quicker that person will get rid of it and will have met their responsibility too.

But when it is you whom colleagues and subordinates don't like, it is time you owned realization and improved to become respectable.


Factors to Not Lack

  • 1) Performance

At work, you can't exercise control if you are not a performer. Why will anyone listen to you if you are not a man of substance? By performance, I don't mean you must excel. Not all are champions. Even when you are above average, and your numbers are right; when you own responsibilities and don't push tasks onto the other shoulders; you will be liked, respected and followed by teammates and all. A great manager you will be. Indeed!

  • 2) Misuse of position

If you hold a particular, prominent position at work, or in any group, mainly you need to get the work done. One option you have is to use the force of your post. However, being in that place and holding that designation and not being effective is all the reason why you won't be able to manage inmates in your group/organization. Higher post demands you to be highly impressive. You have to perform better than any body else. The position has given you value, now you give value to the position. When you show competence, the same will channel down among the others in the hierarchy. All this because they look up to you and take you seriously. It's not because of the power you hold, but because how effectively you manage people from the position you rule at.

  • 3) Don't build or repair bonds on lies:

If you lie to cast a good impression, temporarily you might gain out of it. The truth about lies is that they are misleading, and can damage any relationship in future. People who liked you initially will hate your lies eventually. That will become difficult to handle.

  • 4) Your experience - Not of situations only, but of characters in it.

Dealings become easier to manage if you have experience than not having any. Experience doesn't mean only holding the knowledge of a product, process or service; it means how people (characters) behave in the course of business.
Observe the conditions and state. Watch how characters react in those episodes. That is how you learn habits and behaviors of people. How does it help you? It gives you knowledge of the capabilities and nature of friends, family, fellow employees, and the rest. Anything that freaks them too much, you can avoid those factors while dealing with them. Besides, you learn how to solve issues. You can apply successful methods and remedies in other situations too. Imagine, if you have experience of the product, service, or circumstance, but you lack managing skills, what kind of management is that? Don't be an ineffective manager. Never lack handling skills.

  • 5) Guide others but don't dominate

Make it clear why your plan, procedure, or suggestion is the best course of action. When others have doubts and objections, explain the shortcomings of their ways. Guide, but don't force your thoughts or dominate your methods on associates.

What is your experience with the people you relate with who hold positions?

See results
  • 6) Your image

Image matters the most. Even if you meet someone for the first time, the value you hold exists in the mind of the individual you meet. That image (value) has been formed by the knowledge the other person could gather from what he/she has heard or learned by doing homework about you. Can't help. Can you? You do the same to others. And If your first impressions, for some reasons, end up negative, you will need to put-in significant efforts to fix a workable solution. Moreover, You will take time to rebuild a positive perception.

Even when there is no prejudice or judgments, if you could not lay good authority, you will find it difficult to stay in-sink with the other fellows.
The point is, build an image of an essential personality. It will help you manage smoothly in the present and future as it helped you in the past. Don't lack this quality.

Crucial Points about Image

  • When you fake it, the bond remains shaky.
  • Frame a picture people will believe, the one that suits and represents your disposition. For example, if you are an introvert you cannot become extrovert and vice-versa. You must manage with what you have and who you are. At the most, improvise. But don't build a reputation of who you aren't.
  • Your personality creates the right image. Not your looks.
  • What you talk and how you talk also help in establishing a strong connection.
  • Perceptions can change. An image doesn't remain the same forever. You must continually work to keep an agreeable one to manage whoever you have to.


Some More Factors

  • 7) Your etiquettes

Keep them pleasant. You know enough about it. Don't you?

  • 8) Your mood

You cannot manage people as per your good and bad moods. Do that and see how they go away or won't listen to you.

These are a few characteristics you must master for friendly relations. It's an easy approach to handle people effectively. These points will never fail you. I recommend them to all who seek counsel from me. The success rate is high as confirmed by my pals and colleagues.

To make it even better, hold the qualities mentioned below.


Qualities You Require

  • Be approachable.
  • Don't snap at people.
  • Be patient.
  • Have a smile on your face.
  • Overlook mistakes.
  • Many individuals like to follow, so plan activities as per their likes.
  • Keep in mind the benefit all can enjoy.
  • Be genuine in your interactions.
  • The public must find your profile useful.
  • Your talks must match your actions.
  • And never lose trust.

What you do is, you learn about these vital points, and keep them in mind too. Sometimes you follow, but most of the times, you fail to implement them. That's what people (you) lack.
Be authoritative (displaying the points above), and see how better you will become.

© 2017 Imran Khan


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