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How to Move From Dating to a Relationship

Updated on April 30, 2012

What is Dating?

Merriam-Webster defines dating as "to make or have a date with." Technically, that's all dating really is. However, today, people translate dating somewhat differently sometimes labeling people that they are only dating as being a boyfriend or girlfriend. When you are dating someone you can go on a single date or multiple dates over time. Dating can be used to get a feel for another person and see if you are compatible enough to start a relationship.

When dating someone there are no real strings attached. Just because you are dating someone doesn't mean you are entitled to know everything they do and there is no real commitment between you.

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What is a Relationship?

A relationship is established after you have been dating someone and the two of you decide that you would like to take things further by adding things like trust, commitment, and expectations. A relationship requires much more involvement from both people and takes a lot more effort on both parts than dating does.

Once you enter into a relationship with someone there are a lot more expectations. Expectations like not dating anyone else, how often you should spend time together, and how you should treat the other person. Basically, a relationship is built upon to form other things like marriages and families and is a step in moving things in a more serious direction.

Building a Relationship

With every date you go on with someone you start to learn more about them and decide what you do and do not like. This is a great way to decide if you have much in common and if there are any aspects of that person that absolutely will not work for you. When red flags are thrown up, there are usually no more dates with that person.

When you and the person you have been dating really get along and enjoy each other's company it is time to start building a relationship. There are some important things to do in order to build a relationship that is going to last during this time:

  • Be completely honest with the other person. If you can't be honest now it is only going to get harder to build on the relationship later on.
  • Make sure you are doing things that you both like to do. The relationship shouldn't start out one-sided.
  • Don't stop hanging out with your friends and family for this person. Let them know you have your own independent life filled with people that are important to you.
  • If there are any violent/unwanted actions now don't proceed on with the relationship. Mannerisms usually don't get better when you start a relationship with someone.

Things to Consider When Starting a New Relationship

  • What you expect of the other person is going to be expected of you too.
  • They should be able to spend time with their friends alone, and so should you.
  • Everything is a two-way street.
  • You have to be considerate about their feelings now too, if you are used to only considering your own this can be a huge change.
  • If you have a problem with something the other person did or is doing you have to say something for them to know it bothers you and to change it.
  • Don't base this relationship on past relationships, everyone is different.
  • Don't jump to conclusions and give the other person time to explain things to you.
  • You need your time alone and so does the other person so don't get angry when they ask for it.
  • Keep doing the things you love to do even if it means you do it alone.

How to Make the Transition From Dating to a Relationship

When you have determined that you and the person you have been dating are compatible and should move forward together, it is time to start the relationship. Of course, this new beginning must be of mutual desire. It is now time to have "the talk."

When you bring up the thought of starting a relationship, don't be too aggressive or expect too much. You don't want to make it seem like they have to enter into a relationship with you right away, they may not be ready yet. It is important for you to express your feelings though. When discussing the new relationship ask and tell what is expected, how serious of a relationship you want, and any other factors that are important to you. If the other person is up for it, great! If they aren't give it some time because you obviously like the person and can come to a conclusion together.


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