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How to Move On: 10 Ways to Keep Moving Forward after A Hard Break-up

Updated on January 21, 2014

Author's Confession

You may think at first that I am an expert in relationship. I am telling you now, that I'm not. I wrote this hub simply because I've been there. I have had a few break-ups and I have learned a lot of things from failed relationships. These are the things I wish I should have known before. I hope these can help my readers who want to start over after a recent break-up

1. Decide

Moving on is a decision. It is a choice. If you see signs that he is making ways to make it up to you, then give him chance. But, be fair to yourself. Open your eyes wide open. It doesn't mean that if he is sending you messages, he is really sincere. Do not fool yourself. There are just a lot of people who like mind games and love playing with someone's emotions. You don't want to be played, don't you?

2. Realize and Accept it Has Come to an End

"How to move on? It's very simple. Just remove the L from LOVER and realize that it's OVER." I got this motivational quote from Jamich after watching their youtube video.

Simple as it may sound, but there is really no way on earth for me to take away the pain that you are feeling right now. Break-up is really tough. Let me tell you that there is nothing permanent in this world but CHANGE. Things will change. You will change and that grief you are feeling right now will soon fade.

Accept that he or she is gone. Cry. Let go of that sorrow in a proper way. There is always a proper way and a proper place to release that emotion. Cry in a corner inside your room alone or cry with your best friend.

Writing journals regarding how you feels helps a lot. It will help you get over with your feelings with him as time passed by.
Writing journals regarding how you feels helps a lot. It will help you get over with your feelings with him as time passed by. | Source

3. Cut you Communication

I can see you frowning now. Hey, you want to move on and you don't want to cut your communications? Seriously? I know it's hard. Moving on is a choice. If you cannot decide that you have to move forward, most probably is that, you will not. Trust me. A lot of people have done being in contact with their ex and it's not good doing that if you want to move forward. You can contact him after you felt that you already have moved on.

So, here is what I suggest you to do:

  • Remove his contact number in your mobile. (If he keep texting you and not being consistent. He is probably playing with your emotion. Your heart is not his playground. You better block him for the meantime.)

4. Put away the things that remind you of him

Why is this important? The things that she gave you have sentimental value. It is like there is something about her that is physically with you. If you can't throw it away, I advise you to put it in one box and then store it away from your sight. Store it under your bed, or inside a cupboard that you don't usually open.

5. Spend time with family or friends

Don't let your time kill you to sorrow and regret. Instead, use your extra time with your best friends. You do not know how they miss you. You've been busy for the past period of time. Before, you prioritized your ex bf. So now is the best time to make it up with your family and friends. Enjoy there company. Your world doesn't revolve on him alone.

6. Enhance yourself

After the break-up your self esteem went at one of it's lowest point. Cheer up because from down you will go up! This is your chance to have more time to yourself. Be the brand new you.

7. Refresh your surroundings

Buy a colorful bed sheet. Display for the first time a type of flower at your flower vase in your bedroom. Give your old surroundings a new look!

8. Always Pray

Ask for God's guidance and understanding. Everything has a purpose. Maybe God has someone way better for you after all.

9. Have a new hobby

Indulge yourself to exploring things like learning a new foreign language, doing a new sport and trying latest fashion trends.

10. Love yourself

If you love yourself, you will realize that you are lovable. You are beautiful inside and out. It is not impossible for a new love to come your way. Good luck!

In your own experience

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