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Updated on September 15, 2016

Heartbreaks Advice

We all know that breakups can be painful, and that it's hard to trust and be in love with again. But there are ways to get past the pain. Here is some advice for healing the heartbreak. 

  1. Define your real intentions. Are you trying to move past the breakup, or are you hoping to get back with your ex? You won't move on until you've accepted that the relationship is over.
  2. What exact moment made you feel upset? Try to understand that everything happens for a reason. It’s not your fault neither his.
  3. Do something quiet and relaxing moments alone that can help you feel better. In moment in time, it is totally essential to place the pain behind you and go forward with your life and love. Otherwise, you are giving away your control to the person who hurts you. Moving past a breakup is about you, not your ex. Sometimes the relationship you need to rescue is the one with you. Try reading books every night before sleep.
  4. Try to put your picture instead of your former dearest and everyday when you pass by the picture just say sorry out loud to the picture because you are apologizing to yourself for someone who did not know your worth.
  5. Give yourself permission to express your anger and sadness. Grief is a process to go through not a destination in which to stumble. Write poetry, paint, sing, dance, and do whatever it takes to allow you to perform your pain into something productive.
  6. Talk to people. Driving past your ex’s house, making phone calls or emails is no way to let go of the past. Speak to friends; write them a note or whatever you need to do. Maybe you want to talk face to face? Why not try it. Sometimes you can’t get over being hurt until you know you’ve been heard.
  7. Put away memories. Don’t think of him and your memories anymore. Keep out the stuff that reminds you about him if possible just throw it.
  8. Let time heal. Only 2 years is enough to recover but others only 1 year. You can do it also if you help yourself to recover.
  9. Smile…smiling makes you feel better and have a laugh with friends. You will remember how good life was without him/her by laughing with friends.
  10. Move on…When you feel better and ready to open your heart again, find someone else to be with and don’t look for a replacement for your ex but the one you appreciate who he/she is. And to avoid breaking up again learn your lesson and keep your relationship as exciting as possible.

Everybody experienced heartaches so does moving on from this. Can’t you do that for yourself? Yeah, it’s painful but you try to give yourself a break.


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