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How to Overcome with Depression after a Break Up ?

Updated on October 14, 2013

Break up ?
End of a relationship.

life after a break up ?


Do you really think so ?

Most of you will say yes.

But can't we just forget all the bad memories and move on ?

Break ups are becoming too common in our surroundings.nowadays people do not care for the feelings of other person who loves them.Relationships are becoming very week which ends easily.But what can we do if other person do not care for us neither respects us.I know life becomes too emotional when the person to whom we think was our world leave us without any reason or gives stupid excuses just to end the relation.The most hurtful break ups happens in teenage when we devote our life to that person who just leaves us at the end of the day.people get depressed at this stage and starts avoiding social contact with anyone including their own family members.

A person gets so attached to his/her partner that they are unable to think their lives without them.And when those people leave them they could not bear this shock and often faces this depression.

Overcoming a Depression After a Breakup


1)Know this will take time.

Being in a long term relationship and then recovering after a break up could be a very long process.But you just needs to give yourself as much time as you can to recover from the bad memories.

2)Understand the emotions that you are feeling are normal and embrace them.

Don't try to press your feelings inside your heart.Whether its anger or frustration just know that they are normal and natural.Cry if you need to do so as it will help you to pour out your feelings and it will make you feel much better.Go for a box of tissue and use it for your feelings to empty out.

3)Hide everything that it is too difficult to see right now.

Take down everything like pictures,gifts and letters of your ex and put them all in a box.Then keep that box far away from your vision.Don't try to see all that things again as it will only hurt you and remind you of your past.

4)Try to keep a regular schedule as best as you can.

Eat well and have a good sleep as it will help you to recover fast.Keep yourself busy everyday so there is not enough time to think about your ex.It is going to be tough and will take a lot of time but be patient and then see the results.

5)Try to get your mind off of it.

Go out for shopping or take some classes according to your hobby.This will keep you busy and you will not get much time to think about your ex.This thing will give you enough pleasure to overcome your trauma.

6)Enjoy spending time with the people who are still in your life.

Friends and family will help you to recover more quickly.Spend most of your time with them and share your feelings too. If the relationship was intense and long-term, chances are you have not seen some of your friends or maybe even family for months. Take time to spend quality time with them and do something fun.

7)Accept the end of the relationship.

Accept it that the relation has ended due to some reason and now nothing can happen.Give your life one more chance and start again.Move on and live a much better life from now onwards.


#If you are really feeling severly depressed,don't do something drastic,instead run to your friends and family to help you and comfort you.This pain is not going to last forever.It will go away,so just be patient.

#Feeling lonely is also something really bad and upsetting.But it does not means that you will hook up with someone like that only.Call around some friends and share your feelings with them and let them know what you are thinking.This might help you as they will give you some useful advice and will support you more.

Things You will Need.

1) A box of tissue to use while pouring out your emotions.

2)Your favorite ice cream to make you feel better whenever you feel depressed.

3)several friends to share your feelings with and for some useful advice.

4)A hobby or passion to keep yourself busy the whole day.

5)An empty box to keep all the things that reminds you of your ex.

6)family,friends and community for emotional support.


# Try to keep a distance from your ex.Maybe after feeling your absence they will try to get you back and contact you.

# Be friends with your ex and show them that your life is much better without them.This is also increase your self-confidence.

# calling or texting your ex will show that you are desperate for them and still loves them.This will increase the chances of them ignoring you and humiliating you infront of everybody.

Break-Up Bootcamp: how to survive (live through) a break-up

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