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Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Updated on June 22, 2013

A Bride


I worked in a bridal salon when I was first out of high school and we had a lot of brides coming into pick out their gowns. To them especially it was a big important event.

I think the wedding gowns really look nice in white. It makes a nice big effect. It generally looks good on everyone. It is something that you will remember forever. You can get cream color or off white if the white does not do anything for your skin. But you can get any color that you like especially now.

The dresses that are in for this season are flower detailed dresses, vintage dresses and The Great Gatsby style designs according to the Today Show on NBC.

You want to get the kind of dress that you want. There are all kinds of wedding dresses that are available so you probably would want to do a little research into it. See how much you can afford to pay for the dress. If something is very expensive and you can't really afford it, you know it is only going to be used for the one day. Otherwise, if you can afford it the sky is the limit.

You want to get the kind of fabric that you want. There are some dresses that you could be pretty uncomfortable in and you don't really want that to be happening on your wedding day. Instead of the polyester type of materials, I think the natural materials are better for that and they will look more expensive. But it is up to you. The ease of upkeep of the permanent press type of material could be worth it. I could understand that.

You should find a dress that makes you feel as if it is your dress. You are going to have the pictures for a long time. Everyone will see you at the wedding and it needs to be just perfect.

Some brides want to get the designer gowns and then there is quite a fuss over it. If you can afford to get one it is great. You may want to get one. There are sites on the Internet now that sell discount designer wedding gowns at good prices. There is a guarantee on them. If you get started in time, you can try one of those.

I am not one of those people that think it is a good idea to make over a wedding dress that was worn before by your mother etc. I think it is better to have one of your own. It is your wedding after all. But if you want to do that, it is up to you. There were some beautiful dresses around in times gone by.

You want to plan it out together as you want it with the accessories. You need to get a veil to go with it and decide how long you want that to be if you want one. They go all the way from short to two the floor. Then you need to decide what type of material you want for that also. If a veil does not seem to be something that you want you don't have to get one.

Decide what type of flowers you want to have with you for the bridal bouquet. Remember also after that, that you will be throwing it to your friends, relatives and your bridesmaids if you have them. If you can get it outside from your garden it is of course, ideal.

We had fittings for almost all the girls that came in and bought dresses. They wanted it to be perfect for their wedding day. They would want to look absolutely the best with everyone watching. Remember that everyone at the wedding will be watching. It is very important that you get it to fit right. Don't be afraid of telling them to change something if it is not right. If you can get your gown fitted also it might be better. You don't want them to make it too tight. You want to be able to breathe.

You want to check the length that it is right for you. Bring the shoes you will wear with it to check how it looks or ones that are similar. It will really look better if it is not too tight. But you don't want it to fall off you or have gaps at the top.

You may also want to get the best undergarments that you can to give it a good underpinning and look to it. You want the skirt to fit and go straight to the ground. You don't want it to hug and go in below your hips. Your fitter will help you with it if you get one. But you want to know what you are doing yourself. They are busy and it does get hectic.

Antique and Vintage Wedding Gowns

1920's era wedding
1920's era wedding | Source
Parisian pink bouffant wedding gown, it looks like from the 1950's or 1960's
Parisian pink bouffant wedding gown, it looks like from the 1950's or 1960's | Source
1842 US Irish wedding dress. If someone had this and wanted to wear it, they certainly could.
1842 US Irish wedding dress. If someone had this and wanted to wear it, they certainly could. | Source

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