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How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding in London

Updated on October 3, 2013
An Eco-friendly Wedding in London
An Eco-friendly Wedding in London

Various couples foresee weddings quite differently. There are some amazing venues, which can give a new shape to your celebration. Hire a green venue in London this time, to have an environment friendly wedding nuptial. It is not only budget friendly, rather it also gives a chance to the people, to have the celebration there way.

However, an eco friendly wedding shall have several other dimensions, to be measured. Find out some substantial sources here:

Sustainable Venue in London

There are many environment friendly venues in London, which would bring a perfect setting to your nuptial day. Find venues adorned by flowers, leaves, scents, and other natural engagements, that involve the naturalistic views, like that of a river or a forest instead. Find solace in picking the choices like

HMS Belfast: A perfect floating venue in the City, customised especially for private parties and weddings.

The Conservatory and Garden: A beautiful venue among the greens of a conservatory garden

Courtyard of the Haberdashers Hall: Under an open sky, flow smooth in this venue

HQS Wellington: A ship on River Thames, which will carry you all around, in a mood of wedding carousal

These venues vary in their capacity, and assure a perfect capacity for your number of invited guests.

Courtyard of Haberdashers Hall
Courtyard of Haberdashers Hall

Invitations for Your Guests

Invitations for your guests can be environment friendly, if you think on saving a few fresh trees, being reduced to papers. Invite your guests on old papers, recycled for reuse. Use these recycled papers, to use them to make your wedding eco friendly.

Make the Food Environmentally Plausible

Environment friendly food plays an important role in creating the most sumptuous delight for a wedding. If you are eco-friendly, then your eating plan will be justifiably in vegetarian and bloodless. Most often people reason a non-vegetarian appetite, by claiming it to be a balancing act of the nature’s equilibrium, help them give a better direction to their thoughts. Order organic foods for your wedding menu.

Organic Wedding Meal
Organic Wedding Meal

Wedding Favours

Let the wedding favours match your venue ambience. Environmentally suitable favours are available in the market. Use organic flowers, which will bring a brilliant coverage of your wedding. There are some brilliant and splendid options with trees.

Wedding Favours
Wedding Favours

Wedding Etiquettes for Environmental Weddings

Wedding etiquettes have the special definition for environmental weddings. Decide what will follow what. Who shall be responsible for what? You will have to brood on little more than these cultural aspects for an environmental wedding in London. Introduce your guests to this new set of wedding etiquettes:

How Much Will It is Organic?

Eco friendly weddings have to be organic. However, people take different degrees of organic planning in consideration. How much of it shall be organic for you? You might be in favour of completely organic productions. How much of it shall be organic for you? Organic favours, feasts, venue and dresses, decide for all these factors and find out what all you want to be organic.

Who will be Responsible for What?

Weddings requires the planning of who will take care of what. It is better if you can trust all these factors with the venue you have hired. So, a dependable venue needs to be your priority. Besides, for some key responsibilities like finding this venue, who will be paying for what is quite essential to start with.

Wedding Dance
Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance

Wedding dance is often rehearsed a lot of times, before it is actually taken to the floor on the day of wedding. Customs says that the bride and groom dance together, then the bride’s father takes it to dance with his daughter, and the groom dances with the mother of the bride. Hence, the custom ensues.

Dance is a very essential part of the celebration, and the two of them have to dance at the best spot of the wedding venue. Find the best settings of the venue, where this dance can be played on.

Menu for an Environmental Wedding in London

Menu for an organic wedding has to be in tune with the other preparations of an environmentally friendly wedding. There are a lot of things that can be utilized for most of the big occasion, planned for the celebration of a conjugal bliss. Find your wedding a sumptuous serve of the delights, which are organic, good to eat, and easy to arrange.

Organic Serves

A party hall plays a crucial role in making your wedding a successful event. It is best to get menu served by the venue itself, since it will be the most complex part of the arrangement. There are a few venues in London, which have restaurants as an integral part of their amenities. So it is better to book a space that caters a feast and that too organic.

What Would be an Organic Meal?

An organic meal would be free of insecticides, pesticides and all the other chemicals. Locally grown food, and some seasonal delights are the best options to avoid the possibilities of chemicals in your food.

Do Not Dump the Leftovers

You will need to decide with your venue, about all the preparations and arrangements that will take care of serves at your venue. Help and guide the experts with how you want the menu to move. Do not waste and throw away the leftovers. Save them for charity. There are some good charity homes available in London, who feed poor. Ask these organisations to collect left out food for the needy.

Use the Utensils

Use everlasting and reusable utensils, so that it does not generate waste. An organic wedding is incomplete without this favour. This is one of the best ways to save nature with your inspirational efforts.

Raise a toast to life, by unrolling an environmental friendly wedding, at one of the rich wedding venues in the city. There are a lot of venues, which can assist you with these intentions. And, as a host, you are just a right choice away.


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