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How to Play Hard to Get and Keep that Man Chasing after You!

Updated on September 15, 2010

Surely, Every one of you girls has had a guy lose interest in you...If not, I don't know why you're reading this..You already know how to play hard to get!! For some of us girls (The ones who are still reading) it just does Not come Naturally!! We just want to Love and be Loved Now...So when a Sweet or Sexy man comes after us we lose all self control...make ourselves too Availible and do not listen to our instincts! and very soon after this sweet or sexy man Loses Interest!! You sit there for a couple of days thinking..What did I do wrong? What Changed? What's wrong with me? Why did he stop Chasing Me?? but..You are a Sexy mama!! Stop Letting these men bruise your Ego!! Here are a Few Rules to Follow to keep the next Boy chasing your Tail..

Rule # 1: Texting-Facebooking-Phone Calls

Never be the Initiator! and stop texting him back 2 seconds after you receive his text...I know this is very hard ladies...but Control Yourself. and do not "Like" every one of his facebook status..If he writes on your wall or emails you, take a day or two to respond..If he asks you if you have plans for the weekend through a text or phone call, Don't make yourself too available..Try to make it sound like you have a lot going on..Don't make the guy feel rejected..Just make him work a little at getting the opportunity to set a date with you.

Rule # 2: First Date

So after he asks 2 or 3 times you Finally accept! I know you are excited..but don't Lose your cool..Be yourself and have an amazing time. Just don't let him get too close..If he tries to hold your hand, only let him have it for a brief moment..No Kissing on the First Date!! If he tries to kiss you at the end of the date turn your cheek and give a half hug.

Rule # 3: Keep It Up

This rule is critical! Keep following Rule #1 and Make him work for date #2 and #3..You don't want to all of the sudden seem completely available..Even if you are!! because if you are The Chase is Over!This is where a lot of us mess up..We play the hard to get part in the very begining..but Lose it after the first date! Of course you can go a little farther with the guy on the 2nd and 3rd just don't want to give it all away or hop into to bed with the guy..At this point Less is More!

Obviously you can't keep it up forever because that would never work! but your goal is to make him want you..and Remember-Men want what they can't have!


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    • profile image

      lovemore 3 years ago

      i always chase after this guy,he plays me as muchas i do hard to do i let him know i want him without looking desperate?

    • profile image

      Toni 4 years ago

      I don't know about this. I've had guys chase me for years and not give up. If he wants you he won't give up. Simple!

    • profile image

      Megan 4 years ago

      What evs just kiss him and he'll like u not really I dunno what to say so bla bla bla