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How to Reach Forgiveness!

Updated on December 8, 2011

The life a common person lives is not one of a saint. We live and we do everything we want to. Not all the times we do what may be termed as a “rightful” act. Sometimes we do not even feel that we may have done something that would have been a cause of hurt to someone else. This hits home only when we ourselves are hurt. This is the time when all the things come rushing back to us as when and where our similar acts had caused pain to someone even if not intentionally. This pain is eased only when we are prepared to forgive. Forgiveness is far greater a virtue, if you ask a troubled man. Reaching forgiveness also some times seems like a task of searching Holy Grail.

Reaching forgiveness is indeed a journey, where we learn about ourselves as well as the psychology of the person who was the cause of our heartbreak in any sense. We understand both these persons individually by a unique comparison. This comparative analysis is a result of the act. We do the act and not feel guilt at one point of time. Then we are the prey of same act and know why the culprit hasn’t asked for the forgiveness. Guilt is the cue for one to initiate the process of forgiveness. When one feels the same guilt hit as reflection of his own past deeds, one finds solace only in forgiveness.

Even if this is not the case and one has done something wrong or bad towards the other person with intention, a much appreciated and applauded feeling of being above of wrong doers nudge us to forgive. We feel that forgiveness makes us a better person. We have a kind of authority to make something right when the situation is wronged by other. This way, we do not allow ourselves to live in continued frustration and set our soul free.

One can take varied reasons and understanding to reach forgiveness. It is just like witnessing a tree being robed of its fruits and then praising the thief to have lessened down the burden. This is the greatness of tree. Thief has done what he intended to. It will now be his course of actions that will lead him to his consequences and thereafter the realization of being wrong in life to many people. This is how the cycle of life treats people. And as the story ends salvation awaits in forgiveness!


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    • maddot profile image

      maddot 6 years ago from Northern NSW, Australia

      thanks for the great hub..nothing like a bit of forgiveness to improve the day!