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How to Recognize an Unreasonable Girlfriend

Updated on February 23, 2012

There are many types of girlfriends out there in the world. You've got your sweet ones, sexy ones, pretty ones, manly ones, miserable ones... even your horrible ones. However, one of the most defeating and miserable situations for a boyfriend is to have an unreasonable girlfriend. So, how do you spot one?

Does she want you to take her out... more than 7 days a week?

Despite the fact that there are only 7 days in a week, the unreasonable girlfriend will assume you have the ability to create days. I'll give you an example. The weekend is nearing its end but your girlfriend hasn't had enough fun.

"Honey... Can we go out tomorrow morning, too?" she might say.

Your immediate thoughts go to the ten objectives you're meant to accomplish tomorrow at work. How does she think I can take a day off? How will we pay rent?

If your girlfriend wants you to take time off even when you can't afford to, she's being unreasonable.

Does she like wine she can't pronounce?

This observation applies to food, too. If your girlfriend thinks Hors d'oeuvre is pronounced Hor-Da-Vor and keeps suggesting to the waiter at the nice restaurant you've taken her out to that her glass of Pee-not-Greg-ew (Pinot Grigio) doesn't taste that good, then you may have an unreasonable girlfriend on your hands.

Things get even worse if the next time you two decide to buy a bottle of wine at your local Rite-Aid, she insists that you have to buy the far more expensive Sham-Pag-Ne (champagne) because it tastes better than the Pee-not-Greg-ew, then its time to rethink how often you stray from the Yellowtail.

Does she refuse to look at the Honda Accord?

You're on a tight budget, but your girlfriend insists on getting a car. Fine! A car would be useful and convenient. Let's look at that budget again. Looks like you can spare a couple hundred dollars a month on a car. Great - Honda Civic, maybe? Ford Fiesta?

No, no, no...

"I can only drive an Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz," the unreasonable girlfriend will announce.

"But then we won't eat!" you'll say.

"Fine, we'll just get a 3-series, OK?"

So now not only will looking at cars be very difficult, knowing that the local luxury car deal probably won't accept your credit score, but you'll be so broke you won't be able to do anything on the weekends anymore. Well, at least you'll have a nice car, you might think. Yes, that's true - if you get one - but is that one-hour commute any more comfortable in a BMW than it is in a Honda Accord? You'll never know... Neither will your unreasonable girlfriend.


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