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How to Reject Romantic Rejection

Updated on April 25, 2011

Catch It Before It Catches You

We all know rejection hurts. However, it does not have to if you understand and accept certain things with regards to lust, attraction and love.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Understand that people have different tastes in men or women. Most celebrities are very beautiful, but not everyone finds them attractive; except for their fame and fortune.
  • Approach someone of interest with assertiveness everytime so as to make a great first impression.
  • When seeking to get someone's phone number, do not ask if you can have it, but instead ask what would be the best way to reach him or her after some ice-breaking.
  • When meeting people online, it is best to have a detailed profile topped with your best picture. You will have better chances of striking it up as opposed to not having a profile picture. Sometimes, any rapport you have established without having or sending a picture first, could be tumbled by sending a picture after the fact if they do not find you physicaly attractive.
  • Always state your intentions and the type of relationship you seek to the new person in your life ahead of time. If you want commitment, but he or she does not, do not continue the relationship even if you have chemistry. Lowering your standards for the sake of companionship will only make things worse.
  • Do not put in anymore than the other person is willing to do in return. You get what you give in all sorts of life investments.
  • Only seek someone that seeks you in return. Going after people that have no real interest in you makes it hard to take the rejection well. Reject them before they reject you when seeing signs of them not being good for you.
  • Never try to change the person you are dating. Either accept them as they are or move on.  On the same token, do not change yourself if told to.
  • If there is no second date, even after you have stated you are open to it, accept it as a sign that he or she did not connect with you and do not take it personal. Do not contact them anymore.
  • When someone breaks up with you, accept it, as painful as it will be, have no initiated contact with him or her and distract yourself. Break-ups are rejections that can be lessened in emotional hurt by not aggravating the person that ended the relationship.
  • If they have rejected you once, chances are they will do it again. Therefore, do not go after them if they have scratched you off first.
  • Take rejections as opportunies to learn, grow and move on. See these as chances for a better dating experience the next time around.

It is my hope that the above tips help out a bit. It is always wise to assess a person in the initial stages so as to avoid the pain of rejection later.


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