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How to Spot Red Flags in a Man's Dating Profile

Updated on June 19, 2013

The world of online dating can be tough. It can be especially tough for decent normal people like me. Now dating is not all that easy altogether, however, when you add the online component to it things can get even more complicated.

Now don't get me wrong, I do see the benefits of online dating. I mean there are so many websites out there like eHarmony and Match promising you a miracle match in heaven. I get the feeling that there is no such thing or that it is really difficult to find.

I have been a member of some of these so called great promising websites for several years now and they still offer me the same matches that they offered me three years back. Now I would assume that by now some of these not so eligible bachelors could be either dead, married, or just not interested. Maybe some of them even turned gay out of sheer misery and disappointment. Who knows! The point is that these websites are not very reliable and most of the profiles are actually fake.

The best website so far in my opinion is Craigslist. This website offers an up to date free database of real and available men in your area. Now to say that these men are great would be a lie of-course. Most of them have major issues and I would say if you are naive and do not know any better you can get yourself in a lot of trouble with some of these people.

So what are some things to watch out for? Well, with me there are several items on a men's profile or advertisement that will strike me as questionable at best. Someone who is too obsessed with money, their job, their friends, or their family is a concern. Someone who speaks poorly about themselves or others is a deal breaker too. You definitely do not want someone who is angry and has low self esteem. Also, if someone is posting their half nude picture in their advertisement, it means they have an affair with the gym and they are very shallow and only looking for sex.


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