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Why and How to Spy on Your Boyfriend (who he sleeps with, what is in his pocket, his cell phone...)

Updated on April 12, 2015

Be smart... Stay Focused...

Sleepless Nigh...

You may find yourself up whole night wondering where he's at... He hasn't called you prior to disappearing and he won't answer your calls either. Something is wrong!

If I were you, I wouldn't ask any questions, when he comes home few hours later (or in the morning). Why? Cause he's gonna lie anyway.

Suspicion only can cause pain to your heart and really mess up your mind. That aching gut feeling slowly kills you deep down. But the GPS tracking may become your best friend in this case, a friend that will never leave your side.

So before you jump at it and do or say something stupid, it's time to put on your Privet Investigator hat and get to work. Later you can make decision on where you would like to go from there. And remember to keep a smile on your face, when you're approached by your man.

Women need to stay safe, be smart and alert... And that's when technology becomes very useful. GPS Tracking, PC monitoring, and very focused, sharp mind of yours.

Cell phone spy

Ways to Find Out

1. Cell phone - You need to get access to his mobile phone. His cell phone will give you a solid evidence of cheating. If he's cheating, most likely he will be very protective of his cell phone. So you'll have to get access to his cell phone when he's in the shower, while he's sleeping, etc. Be careful, try to not leave any evidence of you touching his phone. And in most cases you can install a cell phone spyware, which will help you in many ways, investigating spousal cheating case. And did I mention GPS? Yeah, these days cell phone spyware can also help you with having access to the records of his wareabouts. Most smart phones have GPS in them, and with a help of a cell phone spyware, you can track his location in real-time.

Computer Monitoring

Spy on his computer

2. Computer - Does he get nervous or conscious when you are around? Then definitely you'll need to install a PC spy-ware on his computer, because most likely there will be lots of info that you're looking for. PC spy ware will keep track of everything he does on his computer. This alone will give you a lot to work with.

You never know what's cooking until you get into the depth. Having access to the info behind the curtain, gives you peace of mind and sense of security. It's always best to know the truth rather than accusing and assuming things and ultimately jumping to conclusions.

Any ugly truth is better than the pretty lies. What ever you do, don’t be fooled by his pretentious nature. Guys are good at what they do, and so should we.

Physical evidence

3. Physical evidence can always become handy later. Check your partner's wallet for any suspicious receipts, gift cards... Check his pockets for small piece of paper with things written on them (a reminder note, someone's phone number, etc.). Anything that gets your attention, take a picture of it and save it for later (you may need it later, when you're putting pieces of puzzle together). Check his car for clues as well. He may have a condom in glove-box, a lipstick between the seats, notepad or a pan from a hotel, fast-food paper bag with a receipt in it (food was purchased for two). How about signs of infidelity on his clothes? Dried up Sperm on his boxers, lipstick on his pants or one of his shirts (lipstick that does not belong to you), does his jacket smell like lady's perfume (perfume that isn't yours)?

I'd suggest keeping a notebook, for logging in any suspecious actions of his. Sometimes we notice things but we don't give it a thought, until later something happens and then we go crazy trying to remember stuff. So, it's easier to keep a mini journal (I have been for the past few years). I kept a journal trying to study my man, but now that we're still together, this little journal became like a mini story of our life together. Good or bad, it's all recorded in the journal, and he has no idea.

Motion Triggered Spy Camera

Spy Camera Would Help

Why Spy? Because he gave you a reason to do so.

I you'd like to know what he does in your house and whether or not he behaves, you can do the following:

Tell him you're going over your mom's for a little while, but before you leave the house, set your spy camera and see what happens. Come on, every girl must have a spy camera handy.

I use my webcame on my PC (in my living room, pointing at the front-door) as a spy camera. If I have to, I leave the house and then through the internet, using my smart-smart phone I monitor the area. And he has no idea. But I haven't caught him yet.


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      Sarah Yao 

      2 years ago

      I am using the Print Job monitor , I think it is a good software, in full compliance with my request, it should be recommended.


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