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How to Stop Texting Someone and Move on

Updated on September 30, 2019
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Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer, and company director from the UK.

Are You Always Texting First?

Are you the first to text? Do you wait days for a response? Are you sitting about waiting for a reply whilst you let the rest of life pass you by in a haze?

Then you are stuck in the dreaded will they won't they space. Nothing good comes of residing there believe me.

How did you get to this point? Were you once a perfectly sane human being who had never once checked your phone for a reply? Maybe you didn't even know where the bloody thing was half of the time. Now it's surgically attached to your hand and you can't even watch The Bake Off without looking at the screen every five minutes. You didn't even notice what wonderful creation whatsername came up with in order to win star baker. You are officially addicted to that person and they don't seem to give a damn.

The Lows of Waiting

When you've hit that low, it really is time to stop. Easier said than done I know. But when did you come to the conclusion that they were the be all and end all? When did you decide to put yourself last and forget how amazing you are?

You've been sucked into a pit of self-despair. You're grateful for any little bit of contact, even a few meaningless words that they threw together before they went out and got drunk. Then maybe a few slightly more meaningful when they got plastered. You were really grateful for those because it meant that they were thinking about you when they were out having fun.

Drunk texts should be ignored at all costs. They mean absolutely nothing when they're coming from a person that otherwise doesn't bother with you. When we are drunk, our feelings are amplified. We can think we love a person, I mean really, really love them when in actual fact we can't be all that arsed with them in the cold light of day.

You Are Worth More

You are worth more than this. Ignoring a person is a rubbish thing to do. When someone ignores your text or replies in a few days when they've got nothing better to do they are not thinking about you. You might find a whole lot of reasons why they can't possibly text you right now, like they are working, they have the kids, they are busy doing chores..the fact remains that if someone is into you they will text you. A day or so to respond is fine. You don't want to go all stalky on them and curse them for not responding right away. I used to expect people to respond to me at the drop of a hat, like they really did have nothing better to do, and that is equally unreasonable.

Stop Texting and See What Happens

What choice do you really have here? Do you want to carry on feeling like this or do you want to take back some control?

Stop texting from this moment. I'm not saying don't reply to them when they do eventually text you as they probably will. I'm saying don't always be the first to jump in there. Make them wonder where you've gone and what you are up to.

We all like a bit of mystery and perhaps a bit of a challenge. It's human nature. We don't really know that's how we feel but on a subconscious level it's how most of us are. If you keep texting, then you're taking the excitement out of the relationship.

I remember the days when we used to have to go to the phone box to make a call that we didn't want our parents to hear!

What's the worst that can happen if you stop texting them? They're not bothering with you in any case. By putting your foot down and deciding that you are worth more, you will at least feel better about yourself even if you feel crap for a while with zero contact.

There's a high probability that they will text you after a few days, maybe a week. If they haven't contacted you within 30 days then they aren't at all bothered and who wants to be the last on anyone's list?

Long Distance Text Conversations Can Be Fun

Texting a partner or someone you are dating can be fun if it goes both ways. If you are constantly texting however, the other person will become exhausted before you've even got going.

Keep it fun, especially if it's a long distance thing. It's easy to go over-board with texts when you don't get to see each other very often, but actually it's the worst thing that you can do. It's even worse when you don't get a reply from someone that lives away.

If you are struggling in a long distance relationship then it may not be for you. The other person needs to understand how you feel and if they can't then there isn't much future in it.

Personally I hate planned contact but it might be the only way for you to move forward in this case.

It's too easy to drop someone a text without really thinking about the content and how it might effect them. Don't forget that texts can also be misconstrued. Talking in person is the way to go if you are having a serious conversation.


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